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Eyelash Transplant Training

Dr. Alan J. Bauman demonstrating his eyelash transplant technique during a Live Surgery Workshop
Over the years at Bauman Medical Group, we've trained a number of hair transplant surgeons and other physicians in the field of cosmetic surgery in the detalied techniques of eyelash transplant surgery.  Our intensive one-on-one training programs for surgeons and their staff includes topics such as patient selection, pre-op prep, anesthesia techniques, graft harvesting/dissection, single and multiple-follicle graft implantation, post-op care, complications/sequelae management, lash maintenance/trimming/tinting/perming, etc. as well as the latest instrumentation, etc.

While we don't publish a list of physicians who have been trained, we will be happy to verify if your eyelash transplant surgeon has received this kind of intensive training at Bauman Medical Group.  To verify if your surgeon has completed an eyelash transplant (or other) training course with Dr. Alan Bauman, please email directly. 

Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. is a full-time hair transplant surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and is recommended by the American Hair Loss Association.  Dr. Bauman has been performing eyelash transplant surgery since 1999, has lectured on and demonstrated his technique at ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop events, and has authored medical textbook chapters on eyelash transplantation--the most recent of which appear in Hair Transplantation (Avram/Rogers 2010) and Hair Transplantation 5th ed. (Unger/Shapiro 2011). 

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