FUE hair transplant scars... visible or invisible?
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What is Acell Matristem for Hair Transplants?

Acell/Matristem is an FDA-cleared ECM (Extracelluar Matrix) wound-healing powder from porcine (pig) bladders.  ECMs provide a framework for wound healing cells so there's less inflammation, less scar tissue formation and overall better tissue regeneration. Eventually, Acell/Matristem is replaced and/or absorbed leaving 'normal-ish' tissue behind. The healing when ECM is used results in tissue that is more similar to normal skin and less like a scar.  Public interest exists because a few people grew their fingers back (check youtube, Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.) after near amputation.

ECM's are useful because they improve healing in hair transplant procedures in the donor area--especially FUE, making the healed donor area even less detectable. Some patients seem to be confusing this observation with hair cloning. I've observed that wound healing when using ECM (there are a variety of them by the way) is impressive. It is NOT a miracle "hair cloning" breakthrough, however.

In a research study performed at Bauman Medical Group in 2010, Acell/Matristem was tested in the FUE donor area. Below is the comparison of the donor area at 24 hrs (top) and 7 days (bottom). On the left side of the photo, Humatrix Gel was applied.  On the right side Humatrix Gel and ACell/Matristem powder was used.  Upon causal observation, wound healing in the ACell+Humatrix side (right) was more advanced at 24 hrs and also resulted in visually stronger hair growth in the surrounding non-harvested follicles at 7 days compared to the Humatrix only side (left). 

The use of ECMs are routine for wound-healing at Bauman Medical Group.  For more information on healing treatments used in conjunction with hair transplant procedures performed by Dr. Alan Bauman, like Acell/Matristem, Low Level Laser Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Humatrix, AminoPlex, GraftCyte, etc., please visit http://www.baumanmedical.com





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