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Marital Status, Smoking, Heavy Drinking Increase Risk of Hair Loss for Women | Cision Wire

DENVER – Age and genetics have traditionally been considered the most reliable predictors of both female and male hair loss. However, two new studies involving identical twins, being presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual conference, Plastic Surgery 11 THE Meeting, September 23-27, in Denver, reveal new contributors to hair loss in both women and men. In fact, being a divorcee, widow, heavy smoker or drinker can wreak havoc on one’s hairline, especially if you’re a woman, the studies find.

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As a hair loss physician, I can say with certainty that social (lifestyle) factors factors play an important role in the progression of thinning hair. It seems like this preliminary study on twins confirms this clinical observation. Dr. Guyuron has recently presented a study that reports a connection between certain social factors (smoking, drinking and divorce) and the development and severity of hair loss in women. --Dr. B.

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