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New eyelash treatments / LaserCap help boost self-confidence

I used to think that fluttering your eyelashes was a flirtation that went out with corsets and smelling salts.

It looks like I’m wrong. The industry that has developed around lengthening and coloring women’s eyelashes has dug in, and the products it is offering are apparently going to stay on the menu at area beauty salons and dermatology offices.

To heck, it seems, with buying mascara and applying it daily. Formulations such as Latisse, which was developed from a pharmaceutical compound to regulate pressure in the eye but found to also lengthen eyelashes, have had a huge effect in the beauty market.

Latisse and LaserCap make for strange bedfellows until you realize that their respective hair growth properties give those with thinning eyelashes or thinning hair a boost! --Dr. B.

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