Is hair transplantation the only hairline restoration option?
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For Baldness, Turning to Leg Hair -

A new report highlights a novel way for doctors to replace thinning hairlines: transplanting leg hair.


The advanced FUE approach which is able to harvest and transplant grafts as small as a single hair follicle now allows for the transplantation of body hair or "BHT."  New surgical tools like NeoGraft FUE allows surgeons greater accuracy and efficiency when harvesting these follicles without using a scalpel or stitches.

Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) remains controversial to some degree because the cycling and growth rate of non-scalp follicles may be much slower than those on the head. However Dr. Umar seems to have had some good success with the leg hair in these particular cases. Personally, when performing BHT for baldness, I use beard hair--which seems to grow quite robustly on the scalp--in cases when scalp donor follicles are in short supply.

In fact, beard hair grows so robustly I would not suggest it to be used in the hairline... So perhaps we can use a combination of body hair from different areas like the arms/legs (as Dr. Umar has suggested) as well as the beard or chest to achieve the desired results for some of these special cases. --Dr. Alan Bauman


NOTE: Most people who have not had some kind of previous hair transplantation or old-style donor scars will have plenty of scalp hair to transplant to the thinning or balding areas, so Body Hair Transplants would typically be reserved for rare cases.  Finishing off a crown/vertex area or filling in some old scars are some examples of how I would use Body Hair Transplantation for my hair loss patients.

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