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Eyelash Transplant Featured on Good Morning America

They must have been up all night editing the nearly six hours of video... Eyelash transplantation was a feature story on ABC's Good Morning America today, Wednesday, October 25th 2006.   They showed the photos of Aleve' before and after the procedure and also the interview with Rachel (who we'll be operating on soon).  Click here to view the eyelash transplant video clip from ABC-GMA.   The eyelash transplant was also seen on CNN and in papers and blogs from various cities and countries from around the world: Stockholm, Paris, London, Hanoi, Berlin, Rome, Tokyo, Istambul, Oslow, Moscow, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Lisbon, Singapore, Sydney, South America, etc. as well as the U.S. website and Scientific as the Reuters story and photos wound their way deeper into the web.

Here is a slideshow of images from a website somewhere in Latin America.

Eyelash Transplant on ABC's Good Morining America:

Eyelash Transplant news hits the web

It seemed like I barely got the last lash implanted for Aleve yesterday when the story 'broke' across the web.  The reporter for Reuters must have sent the story in immediately.   Here's one of the pics that the Reuters photographer took during the eyelash transplant procedure.   This morning, I saw Aleve and she looked great, barely any bruising and no noticeable swelling.   All the lashes looked great and all had 'lifted up' nicely overnight (sometimes they angle a little downward right after surgery because of swelling).  Aleve' took no pain medication last night and was on her way in to work when I met her at around 8am in Torrance.     I took some pictures, which I'll add to this post later on. 

Eyelash Patients, FOUND!

After meeting with the patients this evening, I was blown away.  Not only did we find one excellent candidate for eyelash transplantation, but TWO!     The first patient, Aleve' (pronounced AL-a-vey), who is thrity years old, is of half-asian descent and was born in Australia.    She has had short, thin, sparse lashses her entire life and is desperate for longer, thicker lashes.    Some time ago, she tried eyelash extensions, which she says 'looked great' but she was noticing that the fake lashes were damaging her own lashes, causing breakage and loss--not good.     Aleve will be an excellent candidate for the live workshop tomorrow. 

The second patient's story took me completely by surprise.   Rachel drove two hours to meet with me in Los Angeles because she is a recovered trichotillomania patient.    When she was a teenager, she suffered from trichotillomania (hair-pulling) and compulsively plucked both her eyelashes and eyebrows.    Unfortunately, today, years after she was cured of the hair-pulling condition (using cognitive and behavioral therapy) her brows and lashes never grew back.    She told me that not having brows or lashes was a daily reminder of her trichotillomania and that she never went out of the house without applying an extensive amount of eye makeup. 

Rachel's story affected me greatly and I agreed to select her as a 'backup' for tomorrow's workshop.   I know that Rachel will need an fairly extensive procedure (or procedures) to completely restore her lashes and brows, so if we cannot get to her case tomorrow, I will be inviting her to Boca Raton, Florida to perform the procedures there at my primary office.   I will keep everyone updated on her progress and I will be posting more information on Trichotillomania and its treatment. 

For tomorrow's workshop, we are expecting some members of the media to be present.  So far, we expect ABC News, Extra and Reuters to attend.   Each of the patients have given their "OK" to be interviewed by the reporters and to be photographed.   It will be busy tomorrow, but I'll give you an update as soon as possible.

Eyelash Transplant Live Workshop

Today, the Annual Meeting in San Diego finishes up and we (my staff and I) are off to Los Angeles to prepare for the first ISHRS Regional Live Surgery Workshop on Eyelash Transplantation.   Tonight, Sunday, we are meeting with several patients whom we have already been in contact with.    I will be meeting them in consultation at Dr. Paul Straub's office (in Torrance, CA) where the workshop will be held tomorrow.   From the group of prospective candidates, I intend to make a selection of one primary patient and one 'backup' for tomorrow's Live Eyelash Transplant Surgery.   Lectures will be given tomorrow in the morning and live surgery will begin around noon.   The workshop will be attended by approximately 40 physicians from around the world.    Here is the first slide of my lecture which I will be giving tomorrow at around 8am...Lash_lecture_first_slide

FUE (follicular-unit extraction) Scar Repair

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a minimally-invasive process that allows the harvesting of individual grafts (containing one to three hair follicles) one-at-a-time from the scalp.   The process is tedious and time-consuming, however it is exceptionally useful to camouflage scar tissue in the scalp and also for hairline refinement or touch-ups.    My poster presentation was one of about two dozen poster presentation abstracts accepted for display at the 14th Annual ISHRS conference this year in San Diego, October 2006.  To read the details of the case presentation, click here: Download fue_scar_repair_text.pdf.    To see the whole poster, click here: Download fue_scar_repair_poster.pdf Fue_scar_poster_ishrs06_400

Low Level Lasers at ISHRS-06

During the Advanced Course in Hair Restoration, I was asked to sit on the faculty panel during the non-surgical lectures and "q+a" to answer questions from the attendees regarding Low Level Laser Therapy.    Although I've used low level lasers in my hair restoration practice since 1999, this type of technology is just starting to come to the forefront at the scientific meetings.   I put together a "Laser Therapy Reference Sheet" at the request of the co-chairs of the Advanced Course (Dr. Jim Harris and Dr. Ron Shapiro) which was distributed to those who took the course.   To download a copy of the reference sheet the attendees received, click here:  Download low_level_laser_therapy_resource_sheet.pdf

ISHRS Annual Meeting

Here in San Diego, I'm here at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Meeting.   The conference runs several days and boasts lectures and workshops on all areas of hair restoration.   I am slated to be on the panel at the Advanced Workshop, where I have been asked to discuss the application of Low Level Laser Therapy in hair restoration.   I will also be presenting a lecture on FUE (follicular unit extraction) to the general session on Friday and sitting on a panel for "alternative sources of donor."    My presentation on FUE-scar camouflage techniques will be given as a poster presentation.    We are expected to hear lectures on all areas of hair restoration, hair transplantation, as well as some interesting guest speakers (face-transplants as well as cosmeticeutical effects on hair).   More to come..

free eyelash transplant applications rolling in

Thank you to all those who have submitted applications for the eyelash transplant procedure my staff and I will be performing in Los Angeles in a few weeks.   We are sorting through the applications and we'll be contacting each applicant directly.   If you have submitted an application without photos, we encourage you to send in the photos via email as soon as possible.  If you have not submitted an application, please see the previous post for the links to the "free eyelash transplant application" file.   

We are all currently 'gearing up' for the ISHRS ( conference in San Diego, which takes place during the days leading up to the LA workshop.    I am scheduled to present on the following topics:  FUE: follicular unit extraction (and FUE scar camouflage/repair), LLLT-low level laser therapy (and its role in hair restoration/hair loss) and eyelash transplantation.   After the conference, I will be posting links to the information contained in these lectures.  I will also be blogging some remarks on the highlights of the ISHRS Annual Meeting as they happen.

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