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Eyelash Transplants on FOX News

Here's the clip from Fox News.   They actually got the name of the technique wrong.  The new eyelash transplantation techniques are based on an older technque called "PLUCK and sew," not "plug and sew."    They also said that curly hair is not good for eyelash transplantation, and that is not true.   Curly or wavy hair is actually better than coarse, straight hair for implantation into the lid. 

New Free Eyelash Transplant Procedure

We're looking for another patient who would be interested in Eyelash Transplantation, and willing to be filmed for a national television program.    We are now taking applications for a patient who will be selected to undergo the procedure, which will be performed at no charge.    One patient will be selected for the procedure which will be performed here in South Florida.   If you would like to receive an application form, email me at and one of my staff members will send you one.   For more details on the application and selection process, call Bauman Medical Group at 561-394-0024.

eyelash transplant training

One of the unexpected results of the news regarding eyelash transplantation has been the overwhelming number of requests for eyelash transplant training.   Physicians from across the country (including opthalmologists, hair transplant surgeons, plastic and cosmetic surgeons) have asked me to provide training for them in the form of workshops, lectures or observational days.    I am now working frantically to put together a series of workshops for non-hair restoration physicians that will provide the "bare-bones" basic overview of the process and an introduction to the procedure.  I expect that the first workshop will be held here in South Florida in the late winter or early spring.   The workshop will be modeled after the event held in Los Angleles last month.    To get added to the invite list or if you have questions regarding the workshops, simply email me at