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Eyelash Transplants on NBC TODAY SHOW

Due to air: Eyelash Transplants on NBC's TODAY SHOW; Monday April 2nd at 9AM.   Cancer-survivor, Veronica Garner is followed before, during and after her eyelash transplant procedure with Dr. Bauman in Florida.   "Eyelash Stylist," Ellie Malmin, joins Bauman Medical Group to offer "Eye-Aesthetics Evaluations" including eyelash trimming, eyelash tinting, eyelash perming, eyebrow sculpting, eyelid skincare and eye-area pampering. 

Hair Growth on NBC TODAY SHOW on

NBC's Today Show visited with Dr. Bauman and interviewed a group of patients who were using his 'multi-therapy approach' to hair restoration. Joan Denton, Robert Harris, Dr. Martin Edep and others were amongst those who spoke with NBC's Janice Lieberman.  Each patient used a variety of hair growth treatments and procedures to reach their results.  Watch the Video:

Hair Growth Treatments on NBC's TODAY SHOW

NBC's TODAY SHOW aired their segment this morning on "Battling Baldness."     They reviewed the common treatment of male and female pattern hair loss using fda-approved therapies: Hair Transplantation, Rogaine and Propecia, as well as the newest FDA-cleared medical device for hair growth, a hand-held laser that delivers low level laser therapy.    Several of our patient's interviews were included in the show: Joan, Robert and Jeffrey.   One of our patients, Dr. Martin Edep, who was interviewed did not make it into the final story.   I will post more information about the various patients and their treatments in the near future.   NBC reporter, Janice Lieberman, wrote this article on her iVillage blog:

View 'behind the scenes' photos on a previous post:

Laser Therapy Hand-Held Comparison Chart

In my recent lecture in Orlando, approved by the CME committee of the ISHRS, I presented an overview of the hand-held Laser Therapy industry.   Since dozens of new devices are appearing on the market at a furious pace, it is difficult to keep track of all of the 'players.'

The hand-held devices/companies I am aware of (and mentioned in my lecture) are listed below.

HairMax, Lexington Int’l, [USA]
Erchonia THL-1 [USA]
Leimo [Korea]
LaserBrush, Sunetics [USA]
Lasertron, Verseo [USA]
Photonic 300,500,700,900 [USA]
HairBeam [Germany]

A list of LLLT companies and websites which were available at the time of the lecture are:

Lexington Intl. – HairMax LaserComb
    FDA-510(k) awarded, Health Canada-cleared
    Dr. Matt Leavitt / Medical Advisor
Apira – Revåge 670  “hood” = old LHC6K
     Medical Technologies AB – Sweden; study protocol w/ MHS
     Total Hair Solutions of…(NY, FL, etc.)
Luce – Italy, LED + LLLT, +IR;  Dr. Robert Leonard
Crown Laser / Bill Gaunitz – Arizona (hood & hand-helds)
Hair Loss Control Clinic –NY, franchise/distributors
Beechwood Hair Clinics (hood)
Erchonia, Az. – 510k x 2 (lipo, pain), 1st LLLT FDA approval
    THL-1 “The Hair Laser” – line-beam hand-held LLLT for hair
Sunetics, Inc.  Las Vegas; Gold Sponsor of ISHRS 2006

Here is an excerpt from my lecture which compares some of the features and FDA-clearances of some of the hand-helds on the market...

LLLT_comparison chart

If you are aware of any new companies or devices, please email me with the information to keep these lists up to date.

Orlando Live Surgery Workshop March 2007

We had a busy time at the ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando this past week.   Lectures all morning, Live Surgery each afternoon.   Highlights were new magnifying instruments for hair transplantation, LaserComb's FDA clearance, Laser Therapy for Wound Healing in Hair Transplants, Eyelash and Eyebrow Transplantation, artistic hairline designs, Follicular-Unit Extraction, and more.  Exhausting, but worth it!   More details to follow.

Eyelash Transplants in Print News

Today Show films story on Hair Growth

NBC's Today Show reporter, Janice Lieberman, and her crew spent two days here in Boca Raton, Florida visiting the Bauman Medical Group facility, interviewing patients, filming treatments and procedures.   The segment is due to air on Thursday, March 15th at 8AM on NBC.  View some of the photos from the visit below.
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