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Hair Transplant Procedures, minute by minute video and stories

Most patients are already quite confident that the procedures we perform are done using comfortable, local anesthesia (The Wand) and that the results are 100% natural and undetectable.  However, otentimes, I'm asked by patients, "What is a hair transplant procedure like?"  The easiest way to understand what the procedure is 'all about' is to read the stories and watch the videos of someone who is undergoing the hair transplant procedure.   Many of my patients have videoed and or written about their procedures over the years.   A few of the most well known male hair transplant stories and videos are:

I will add another blog entry that has some of the women's experiences with hair transplantation, including eyelash transplant and eyebrow transplant procedures later on.

--Dr. B.

"Laser Therapy Combs up Approval" in Palm Beach Post

Last weekend (Saturday April 14th, 2007), a very informative article on hair loss and the recently FDA-cleared laser hair therapy devices appeared in the Accent section of The Palm Beach Post here in South Florida.  It gives a good synopsis of how laser therapy devices and in-office treatments fit in with the other non-invasive treatments (like Propecia and Minoxdil/Rogaine) as well as hair transplantation, similar to the recent story that appeared on NBC's TODAY show.    The reporter interviewed one of our patients, April Carroll, who has been using a hand-held laser device for about a year, with excellent satisfaction.    She's noticed quite an increase in the quality and quantity of hair with the laser treatments.    Even her hair stylist, Alex Hussey of IAN Alexander Salon (Delray Beach, FL) has noticed the major improvement.    At Bauman Medical, I've prescribed laser therapy for hair loss patients since 1999, and we have used a variety of laser devices for our patients.   Today, I prescribe and dispense several types of hand-held lasers to our patients.    The Erchonia "THL-1" is a cordless, rechargeable, hand-held medical device which delivers a complete scalp treatment FAST--in as little as 4 minutes--using a 'line-beam' laser diode configuration.  The THL also has an onboard timer, with a 'pause' feature.   At a cost of $3500, the THL is a significant investment which delivers many features.    At this time, we also prescribe and dispense the Sunetics LaserBrush (~$400), which has soft bristles, 5 separate laser-diodes, and is cordless.   The LaserBrush requires a 10-15 minute treatment time.   Each of the hand-held laser treatments should be utilized two to three times per week.    Increases in hair caliber and hair density are visible with a video-microscope at around ten weeks.   For results visible on a photograph, however, you'll need to stick with the treatment for 6-12 months.

And, of course, we offer in-office Laser Therapy appointments in our relaxing new LaserSpa, overlooking the lake at Wharfside @ Boca Pointe in Boca Raton.   At the office, we have a dedicated staff who can teach you how to 'get the most' out of your laser, by instructing you on its proper use as well as how (and when) to track your results.   For more information on laser hair therapy and its use as part of hair growth regimen, visit or call 561-394-0024. 

Dutasteride Trials (old and new)

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery website describes the use of dutasteride (AVODART) as an 'off label' medical treatment for hair loss.  This is the article posted regarding dutasteride and hair loss. []

According to the website, new Dutasteride Phase III studies are underway in Korea:

Here are links to the two published studies on Dutasteride and hair loss on the NIH website, and the actual articles: []

Many thanks to Dr. Dow Stough for providing his twins study.  Dr. Stough has been instrumental in a voluminous amount of published hair loss research, including Propecia and Dutasteride.   For more information about Dr. Stough, visit his website,