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Dutasteride Trials (old and new)

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery website describes the use of dutasteride (AVODART) as an 'off label' medical treatment for hair loss.  This is the article posted regarding dutasteride and hair loss. [http://www.ishrs.org/articles/dutasteride-trials.htm]

According to the NIH.gov website, new Dutasteride Phase III studies are underway in Korea:

Here are links to the two published studies on Dutasteride and hair loss on the NIH website, and the actual articles: [http://www.merckmedicus.com/pp/us/hcp/extframes.jsp?pg=www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Search%26db=PubMed%26term=dutasteride%20hair%20growth]

Many thanks to Dr. Dow Stough for providing his twins study.  Dr. Stough has been instrumental in a voluminous amount of published hair loss research, including Propecia and Dutasteride.   For more information about Dr. Stough, visit his website, www.singlehair.com

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