"Laser Therapy Combs up Approval" in Palm Beach Post
Hair Growth Stimulation reported in Laser Hair Removal Patients

Hair Transplant Procedures, minute by minute video and stories

Most patients are already quite confident that the procedures we perform are done using comfortable, local anesthesia (The Wand) and that the results are 100% natural and undetectable.  However, otentimes, I'm asked by patients, "What is a hair transplant procedure like?"  The easiest way to understand what the procedure is 'all about' is to read the stories and watch the videos of someone who is undergoing the hair transplant procedure.   Many of my patients have videoed and or written about their procedures over the years.   A few of the most well known male hair transplant stories and videos are:

I will add another blog entry that has some of the women's experiences with hair transplantation, including eyelash transplant and eyebrow transplant procedures later on.

--Dr. B.

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