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Men's Health Magazine: Expert Advice on Hair Loss

Men's Health Magazine:

This article was an excellent overview of the medical treatments available to stop the progression of hair loss.   FDA-approved therapies [like Minoxidil/Rogaine, Propecia/Finasteride], as well as Low Level Laser Therapy, and other 'off label' medical treatments [Avodart/Dutasteride] were mentioned.   It is important to know that by the time most men seek medical advice for thinning hair, they are most likely going to need combination therapy using a medical treatment (like those mentioned above) as well as hair transplantation to reach their restoration goals. 

Hair Restoration as an Anti-Aging treatment

Hair loss is often an unwanted sign of 'premature' aging, therefore it is not surprising that lectures on hair restoration treatments and procedures have become a part of the Anti-Aging medical curriculum.   This week at the American Academy of Anti-Aging's 15th International Congress on Anti-Aging and Bioregenerative Technologies ( for more info) in Las Vegas, two lectures on hair loss and it's treatment will be presented.   The first is a workshop, sponsored by Sunetics International ( which will outline the latest information on the use of their in-office clinical lasers and hand-held low level laser devices.   The workshop will begin on December 12th at 6pm, check the conference program for further details.    The second lecture will be in the main session on Friday December 13th at 1pm, entitled "Hair Restoration: Restoring and Maintaining the Aging Frame of the Face," which will cover FDA-Approved medical treatments, "off-label" medical treatments and devices, surgical procedures as well as 'future' technologies."   

Investigation: Prostaglandin Analogs & Hair Growth

Stumptailmacacque From eyelashes to the scalp...  Will prostaglandin analogues be the hair growth treatments of the future?

The macaque responded very well to 500micrograms/ml with a 10% improvement in terminal hair density (similar to minoxidil).    Is this the effective dose for humans?