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Genetic Test For Baldness Now Available

It is with excitement that I read the news clip about the new genetic test for baldness from for $149. A fast-growing part of my hair restoration practice is men in their 20's and 30's.    For many men, their only clue to their "follicular destiny" is a look around the holiday dinner table or a jaunt through the family photo album.    Never before has there been a laboratory test to determine someone's 'risk for baldness.'     At this time is it not clear how accurate the test actually is.    Judging from the thousands of requests for the test thus far, it is clear that this is information that those concerned about hair want to have. 

While the test has already gained approval from the American Hair Loss Association, the exact use of this test in the typical medical "workup" of hair loss has yet to be determined.   However, this is another step forward for the field of medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss).    At this time, I would recommend any patient who has taken--or considered taking--this genetic test (just like any other genetic test) to discuss the results with a board-certified hair restoration physician.      It is important to administer the test properly, in order to receive accurate results from the test.      At Bauman Medical, we offer counseling and guidance on whether the test is needed, how to administer the test properly (to ensure accurate results) as well as education on how to interpret the results of the test.   

I look forward to providing more information about this test as it becomes available.

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