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New Hair Follicle Growth in Mice (NBC TODAY)

Back in May of 2007, I read with great interest Dr. Costarelis and his team's article in Nature regarding the new hair follicle growth he observed in wounded mice in his laboratory.   

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I was excited to see his observations reported on by NBC's Today Show this morning.   It appears that the cell therapy that his team was testing might eventually be used to encourage new hair follicle growth in humans.   After seeing his lecture, first hand, at the ISHRS Annual Meeting this past year in 2007, it appears that some degree of 'wounding' of the skin will be needed as well as the addition of some kind of growth-factor compound in order to make the follicles regenerate.   Obviously, this treatment is many years off for patients and consumers, but it is still an exciting new treatment option which may have some promise in the next decade.

Watch NBC's video report below:

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