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Genetic Hair Loss Test Now for Women!

Just announced, we are now able to assess a woman's genetic tendency toward hereditary hair loss.   For hair loss, of course, early treatment is the best treatment.  Most effective treatments work to maintain the hair you have.   At Bauman Medical Group, we offer the test, its results, as well as counseling and a follow-ups.   For more information on the genetic test for baldness for women (or men), please contact Bauman Medical Group at or 561-394-0024.   

ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop, Orlando 2008

Live Surgery Workshops rarely dissappoint, and this year's (2008) event was no different.   Lectures all morning, surgery all afternoon...    This year, presentations were given on a huge variety of topics ranging from "the basics," to advanced procedures and treatments.      As an attendee, it is always interesting to hear about new advances in hair transplant techniques, instrumentation and artistic 'philosophy.'     As a faculty member, there's a good feeling associated with sharing your knowlege with an international group of colleagues who are passionate about the field of hair restoration.    The open exchange of information at these types of 'informal' events where presenters and faculty are available one-on-one with attendees is a unique opportunity for learning.    It is my opinion that Live Workshops (like the ISHRS OLSW) are the key reason for major advancements in the field of hair transplants and hair restoration over the past ten years. 

Aside from the ISHRS Annual Meetings in the Fall, the Live Surgery Workshop is attended by the highest number of Board-Certified Hair Restoration Physicians of any event.    

Invited by the Educational committee, I presented lectures on 'Eyelash Transplantation' as well as challenging 'Repair Cases' in hair transplantation.   We brought two patients this year for Live Surgery, both were 'corrective' or 'touch-up' cases who had had prior procedures performed by other physicians years ago.   Our goal was to improve the naturalness and coverage of their previous hair transplant procedures.      

Special thanks to Dr. Matt Leavitt and Dr. David Perez for inviting us once again to participate in one of the top annual events in the field of hair restoration.    On behalf of our entire staff at Bauman Medical who were able to attend, we say 'Thank you' for your hospitality.