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Laser Lipo Process=ZERONA (not Verona) for fat reduction/body-contouring

News from Erchonia Medical, Inc. makers of the FDA-cleared LipoLASER.

"Verona" is a city in Italy.  Zerona is a non-surgical fat-reduction/body-contouring treatment using a painless laser.   For more information on Zerona (not Verona) at Bauman Medical in Boca Raton, Florida, call 561-394-0024 or email

Laser-LIPO now available at Bauman Medical (ZERONA, not Verona)

It is here.  Finally, the eagerly-anticipated "Lipo-LASER" has arrived at Bauman Medical.    The non-surgical Laser-Lipo process involves using ZERONA(TM) by Erchonia(TM).  Zerona is a patented process using Erchonia's Lipo-LASER which was initially FDA-cleared to assist physicians with liposuction.   The proper application of low level laser therapy to skin has a signifcant effect on the superficial fat layer: liquefication.  Low level laser therapy using the Erchonia laser causes the fat cells to 'leak' temporarily (about 48-72 hours) into the surrounding tissue.   The body absorbs the fluid and inches are lost.    Six treatments over two weeks was shown in double-blind, multi-center, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials to reduce the hips thighs and waist by a total of up to 9.5 inches (average: 5-6 inches).   The treatment is non-surgical and requires no downtime whatsoever.   There is no pain, no injections, no bruising, no swelling or any recovery time associated with the Laser-Lipo process.  Patients do not typically have any sensation in the treated area.   Under high-powered magnification using an electron microscope, the cellular architecture of the fat cells can be observed.   It is clear from these sets of photos that the cells are almost completely liquefied, leaving the surrounding structures (arteries, nerves, muscles, etc.) completely intact.   High-power magnification shows the creation of a temporary pore in the membrane of the adipocytes which allows the leakage of the cellular material.

  More detais are to come.

Recession Buster: Compounded Finasteride Now Availible reports that Compounded Finasteride Saves Patients


Compounded Finasteride prescriptions are available to Bauman Medical patients*.  Compounded finasteride can be a lower-cost alternative to the name brand and uses the SAME active ingredient in conjunction with other ingredients and using a different preparation.  NOT an overseas “generic,” the medication which contains finasteride is custom-compounded and dispensed by a U.S. pharmacy that is FDA-licensed and FDA-registered.   "Off-label" medications, formulations and their dosages are not approved by the FDA, so be sure to speak with your physician to find out the risks and benefits.  *Please note that ALL prescriptions require a consultation with a physician.    (High-percentage, customized minoxidil preparations are also available.)   Email me at for more information.