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"Generic" medications, like finasteride/Propecia and others...

A common question from patients is regarding the purchase of "cheap" prescription medication (especially generics) from so-called "Canadian," or other overseas webistes.


It has been well-established that buying prescription medications over the internet is fraught with problems.   For example, “generic” overseas finasteride pills are not FDA-approved.  Federal law prohibits importing drugs that are not FDA-approved, regardless of whether there’s a foreign or domestic prescription.   U.S. Customs officials may seize and destroy all non-approved drugs.  The FDA has issued warnings regarding counterfeit and/or illegally-diverted medications from bogus websites that ‘appear’ legitimate.  Most often, the problem with web-based pharmacies (if the medication is actually real) is that the potency, quality, storage of the drugs is drastically inferior to US standards.   Here are just a few of the places for more info on this common issue…


Probably the main concern I have as a physician is that patients may have difficulty evaluating the benefits of the medication if they are not being properly tracked and examined in a medical setting.


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