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Joella Cain's "The Escort" now available in Paperback


• The Escort

Joella Cain

Brad Benette is the handsome son of an old Palm Beach family

renowned for its charm and social graces but with a modicum of

cash. He is accustomed to living the good life with invitations to

clubs and parties from their wide circle of friends. This prompted

his mother to add the III to his name for extra cache in hopes one of

the wealthy, single daughters of her socially prominent, rich friends

would form a marital allegiance with her son.

Occasionally, Brad is often asked to escort the daughters of his

mother’s Garden Club members to major galas and social functions,

and within a short time, he achieves an enviable social agenda

including a wide circle of invaluable contacts.

So, when Brad graduates from college and looks for work,

personality and social connections are his foremost talents. Short of

money, as usual, he begins to charge a fee to the wealthy matrons

for his entertaining social skills. Soon, he becomes a regular invitee

to the international jet-set parties, traveling the world as a guest on

private planes and adorning the decks of elegant yachts moored in

glamorous ports, all for a fee including room and board.

One of these mega-rich ladies, the beautiful widow Mrs. Lorinda

Winthrop, invites Brad for a Mediterranean cruise aboard her

luxurious yacht, The Ultimate Bitch a one of a kind yacht designed

especially for her and purchased from South Florida Yachts through

her favorite broker, Joel Rotta. She inadvertently falls in love with

her handsome escort.

The couple fully enjoys the abundant pleasures of life together

while visiting Lorinda’s villa in Capri until Brad’s hostess/lover is

murdered. Suspicion soon falls on Brad, however without proof, the

crime remains unsolved. Many years later, Mrs. Winthrop’s adopted

son vows to find her murderer.

Unlike the author’s previous book,

(see later in

Fiction), about the secret lives of the haute monde, The Escort introduces

the reader to some of the unscrupulous characters who inhabit

the perimeter of high-society, desperately aspiring to belong.

Joella Cain uncovers the lives of these social wannabes who,

like the Pilot fish, feed on the scraps left by affluent “social sharks”

who skillfully navigate the palm-fringed shores of Palm Beach.

Joella Cain, started writing as a columnist and feature writer for

the Chicago Tribune, then wrote for Phoenix Today. After moving to

Palm Beach she wrote for Palm Beach Today, Palm Beach Chic and

created a magazine, Florida Woman. She has three books published.

Palm Bitch

is her first novel, this is the second. She appeared on

Donahue, Montel, and Sally (twice) with her non-fiction titles. Presently,

she is free-lancing for magazines and is a writer for

The Palm


and Society Magazine. Her writing career has placed her

right in the middle of the rich and celebrated social life, which gave

her the inside scoop. Joella also conducts special tours for corporate

groups called The Palm Bitch Tour.

Hard cover, 288 pages. U.S. price $29.95. Publication Date:

November 2008.Entre Nous Publishing.

All rights available.



Brad's 'mane' of hair is his signature... he visits Dr. Bauman (Hair Restoration/Transplants) in Boca Raton Florida to keep his hair up to par.

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