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"Ask the Hair Doctor" event at the Greenroom Salon / Boca Raton / Aug 26th 6pm

Hair Loss Awareness Month
In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, the general public is cordially invited to attend a very special hair loss/hair restoration educational event called "Ask the Hair Doctor" graciously hosted by The Greenroom Salon / 21330 St. Andrews Blvd. in Boca Raton on August 27th at 6pm with hors d'oeuvres and drinks.  Limited seating is available, so RSVP by calling Linda at 561-394-0024 or emailing
Dr. Alan J. Bauman, board-certified hair restoration physician, will be on-hand to answer questions regarding the myths and misconceptions about male and female hair loss as well as eyelash and eyebrow restoration treatments and procedures.

Dr. Bauman + Eyelash Transplants on Satellite Radio XM114/Sirius119 Thur 8/20 7:30pmET

Dr. Bauman on Satellite Radio: XM/Sirius 

Learn about Eyelash Transplants and other 'unusual' areas for hair transplantation (eyebrow transplants, beard transplants, etc.) on Sirius XM Satellite Radio's Dermatology Show hosted by Laurel Geraghty on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 7:30PM ET. Sirius 114 / XM 119

Dr. Bauman will be a 'live' guest on the program and answer questions from listeners.  For more information on eyelash growth treatments or procedures, please visit or

Catch the repeat of "Hair Loss and Hair Restoration" w/ Dr. B. on 'Doctor Radio' Sirius 114/XM 119 on Fri 8/21 10AM ET and Sat 8/22 8AM ET

Dr. Bauman 'Live' on THE BALD TRUTH w/ Spencer Kobren 8ET

Tonight, August 16th at 8pmET, Dr. Bauman will be a guest on Spencer Kobren's Live radio show, The Bald Truth.   Topics will include Follicular-Unit Extraction (FUE) using NeoGraft and the upcoming webcast of Live Hair Transplant Surgery tomorrow August 17th with patient, Kevin "Nalts" Nalty, the YouTube legend/web-celebrity.  Tune in to and stay tuned to or for more updates.

Nalts Hair Transplant / YouTube Legend Kevin 'Nalts' Nalty Chooses Dr. Bauman

As reported by Spencer Kobren on TheBaldTruth/BaldTruthTalk:

Former product director for Propecia, Kevin Nalty, also just happens to be one of the most watched people on YouTube. His YouTube channel "Nalts" has garnered more than 90 million views on 800+ videos, clearly illustrating his dominant presence on the video sharing website.

Recently Kevin “Nalts” Nalty has decided to undergo a hair transplant procedure with IAHRS Member and AHLA recommended hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Alan Bauman. To publicly document his procedure he has created a blog called, "Hair Insider: An Insider's Guide To Hair Loss."

Videos have been addeded recently documenting his decision and procedure.

The surgery is scheduled for August 17, 2009--during which there will be a live web-broadcast around 12 noon ET.  We will keep everyone updated on his progress!


For more info on Kevin "Nalts" Nalty, check the sites below:

the online-video "weblebrity":
Nalts blog about video marketing:
Nalts consults for:
follow Nalts on twitter (or not)
see Nalts' 800 plus videos watched 80 million times
see Nalts' Google profile

the marketing guy:

ZERONA to be featured on "Girls Night Out" radio show 96.9FM Key-Z 8/4/09 6pmET

Congratulations to on-air personality Pam Godfrey, who lost over 6 inches of total combined circumference in two weeks using the Zerona laser treatment program at Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, Florida! 

Tune in to 96.9FM Key-Z, 8/4/09 at 6pm ET to hear more about her experience with the painless, non-invasive body-slimming treatment using the Zerona laser. 

Listen to the live stream online at: at 6pm ET tonight!

Zerona is a painless non-invasive medical treatment which helps patients lose inches of stubborn fat without the pain, recovery, risk or downtime of surgery.  Proven to reduce body-circumference in scientific trials, Zerona requires six one-hour treatments in the office.  First in South Florida, Dr. Bauman was one of the first physicians worldwide to obtain the Zerona device.  More info: