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New "Zerona Network" for physicians and patients

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Find news, discussions, before & afters, tips, techniques and other information at The Zerona Network. Physicians and patients share their successes stories with the new non-invaisve body-slimming treatment. Why do some patients tend to lose more inches than others? Why do some patients keep the inches off and others don't? What other areas, aside from hips, waist and thighs are being treated? How can patients get the best results from their treatments? Join THE Zerona Network to find out.  

Zerona in Florida has been available since June of 2008 at Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton.  Our patients have lost hundreds of inches in just two weeks of zerona laser therapy.

Welcome to Dr. Alan Bauman's Blog, aka

DrAlanBauman Headshot_scrubsHi there, I'm Dr. Alan Bauman, full-time board-certified hair restoration physician. Let me welcome you to, a place for personal notes, thoughts and updates about my hair loss and hair transplant practice, Bauman Medical, located in Boca Raton, Florida and on the web at Depending on the day, you'll likely find announcements, news, cutting-edge research, out-of-the-box ideas, or perhaps even controversial theories in the field of hair restoration appearing here first. I look forward to your feedback and comments as the journey toward providing the best medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments for our hair loss patients continues, so feel free to interact and respond in the comments section. If you think I might be able to help you in any way, just reach out and let me know. 
Ask me a question directly here.  :-)


Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery


Actor/Writer/Director/YouTuber Greg Benson chooses Dr. Bauman for hair restoration

Who is Greg Benson?
Actor/Director/YouTuber, Greg Benson 
With a background in sketch comedy, actor/writer/director Greg Benson has become one of YouTube's most well-known personalities.  From his own home production studio Greg creates irreverent prank videos, comedic short films and popular web series which are best suited for the short attention spans of web viewers.
Greg's videos have gone from scoring top hits on YouTube (where his channel MediocreFilms is one of the Most Subscribed of All Time), to promoted channels on MySpace and iTunes, to recent appearances on ABC, NBC and FOX.  He has also directed projects for studios such as MTV, Sony Pictures Television and 20th Century Fox, and companies like Microsoft, Pizza Hut and Polk Audio.
Greg also directs several hit web series including "Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show" (distributed by Sony), "Retarded Policeman" (viewed over 50 million times) and "The Guild" (winner of Best Online Series at the YouTube, Yahoo & Streamy Awards).  Projects Greg has created or directed have amassed over 100 million online views.
Recently Greg has decided to undergo a hair transplant procedure with IAHRS Member and AHLA recommended hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Alan Bauman.  The FUE procedure will be performed with the NeoGraft device.
Greg's consultation with Dr. Bauman will air live on at 11am ET Thursday 10/29.  He will also be answering questions for listeners of on Sunday night 8E/5P Nov 1, prior to his surgery with Dr. Bauman on 11/4.  
Greg Benson's YouTube Channels MediocreFIlms and MediocreFilms2
YouTube videos on Greg Benson's Hair Transplant Mediocre Hair

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Live Surgery Workshop Update (Video Added)

Find more videos like this on NeoGraft Hair Transplant Network

On June 26, 2009 at Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, FL the first NeoGraft/FUE Live Surgery Workshop was held with the purpose of educating physicians, hair transplant technicians and the general public about the benefits of minimally-invasive No-Scalpel/No-Stitch hair transplant techniques.  Over two dozen attendees were able to view a live hair transplant procedure at 'arms-length' as well as via HD-video conferencing.  NeoGraft patient-selection pearls, tips and techniques, artistic hairline design, adjunctive medical treatments, and other lectures were presented.  

NeoGraft is a mechanical medical device which assists hair transplant surgeons in the accurate and efficient harvesting of individual follicular-units from the scalp without the use of a scalpel or stitches and leaves no linear scar.  NeoGraft also allows for the gentle implantation of the harvested grafts using an air-powered piston which eliminates the risk of crush injury to the grafts. 

For more information regarding the next NeoGraft Live Surgery Workshop, please call 561-394-0024 or email   Are you a NeoGraft surgeon?  Join the NeoGraft Network of FUE hair transplant surgeons at where experts share photos, video, tips and techniques.


New Women's Hair Loss Support Group Launched

At Bauman Medical Group, nearly 50% of all of our patients seeking evaluations and treatments are women.  Many of our patients have commented that if they had had access to support and advice before they started with their treatments, they would have had an 'easier' time getting started and staying compliant with their treatment program.

We invite anyone (patients or professionals) who can offer guidance, advice or other support for women with hair loss to join the group and the discussion.  You can be as 'private' or as 'public' as you choose.

For any questions, please email Linda (

Neograft FUE hair transplant implanter handpiece video

One of the features of the NeoGraft hair transplant device is the ability to use a no-touch air-powered piston-driven handpiece for hair follicle graft implantation.   Since no forceps are needed or used, which is the traditional method of graft implantation, there is no risk of crush-injury to the fragile follicles.

Here is a video of the implanter handpiece in action at Bauman Medical Group being used to implant grafts into recipient sites which are smaller than 1.0mm.   This video was captured during the world's first NeoGraft Live Surgery Workshop held in Boca Raton, FL June 26th 2009.   This video clip was also featured on Rachel Ray's "plastic surgery breakthroughs" show on September 25th 2009. 

See photos of FUE/NeoGraft Surgery at

What is a "Board-Certified" Hair Doctor?

Dr. Alan Bauman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

I'm often asked by hair loss patients, journalists, and medical colleagues, "What is a 'Board-Certified' Hair Restoration Physician?"   Many patients mistakenly expect their local dermatologist to be a hair loss expert, however sadly your dermatologist may not be well-versed in the rapidly changing medical specialty of Hair Restoration.   Most people (doctors included!) have never heard of a board-certified physician who has specialized specifically in the treatment of hair loss, so they rightfully want to know... What are the qualifications and certifications that are associated with such a title? 

As a proud 'Diplomate' (board-certified member) of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, I'm happy to announce that we've received a 'formal' statement this week from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery which clarifies much of the confusion...



The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery/International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS/IBHRS) is the largest worldwide entity to have established standards for certification for education, training and experience in Hair Restoration Surgery.  Physicians who are eligible to apply for ABHRS/IBHRS certification have demonstrated the accumulation of significant experience in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery and have all shown a commitment to high standards of training and education.  Those who have achieved certification have demonstrated advanced knowledge in the art and science of hair restoration through peer-reviewed examination.  While there is currently no American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certification specific to hair restoration, the ABHRS/IBHRS is the only certification recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the largest hair restoration educational organization in the world.

Currently, there are approximately one-hundred physicians worldwide who have completed the rigorous requirements and examinations in order to achieve certification from the ABHRS/IBHRS.


Alan J. Bauman, M.D.

"Dr. Alan Bauman is a board-certified Diplomate of the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery"