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Live NeoGraft Hair Transplant Surgery Workshop presentation 6/09

In June of 2009, Bauman Medical Group hosted the first Live Surgery Workshop dedicated exclusively to NeoGraft.  This slideshow is a small part of the presentation that physician attendees viewed just prior to observing the live NeoGraft/FUE hair transplant procedure.   Since June, the NeoGraft/FUE transplants have gotten significant attention from news media outlets such as Rachael Ray, ABC, NBC and FOX news. For more on FUE using NeoGraft, a less-invasive style of hair transplant surgery, please visit


Hair Transplant Textbook / Eyelash Transplant Chapter

Zerona LLLT Body Contouring Clinical Trial Published in peer-reviewed journal

Coverimage_lsm Results of the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial of non-invasive body slimming ZERONA--often called the 'fat burning laser'-- was recently published in the esteemed peer-reviewed journal, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 41:799-809 (2009).   The official publication of the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery.  Download Clinical Trial (Zerona)

Recently featured on Rachael Ray and in Harpers Bazaar magazine, Bauman Medical Group was the first South Florida location to offer Zerona outside of the clinical trial.  For more information on Zerona, visit or call 561-394-0024 for scheduling.


Eyelash Transplants: Transplante / implante de cílios featured in Brazil


Dr. Bauman's Eyelash Transplants featured in Revista Plástica & Beleza (Brazil 2009); Implante de cílios o transplante de cílios... Download Plástica & Beleza - O Universo da Cirurgia Plástica e Estética or read the excerpt below...

Cílios de longo alcance

Se aquela poderosa máscara para cílios não está fazendo milagres para seu visual, pode ser que sua situação seja uma pouco mais delicada e a indicação seja mesmo o transplante de cílios. Conheça mais dess a técnica

Uma breve volta por uma loja de cosméticos mostra o valor que as mulheres dão aos cílios. Basta notar a imensa variedade de marcas e modelos de máscaras para cílios que alongam, dão volume, curvam, colorem... Vale tudo para valorizar o olhar. O problema é que algumas mulheres não conseguem o efeito desejado nem com o mais poderoso dos makes por terem falhas ou ausência de fios na região, cílios curtos ou com pouco volume. A solução nesse caso é o transplante de cílios, uma cirurgia pouco divulgada no Brasil. Isso mesmo, assim como existe o transplante capilar para resolver a calvície, existe também a cirurgia para resolver o problema na região dos olhos. O conceito é o mesmo: retirar fios de uma área para implantar em outra.


A área doadora de fios é a região da nuca. Como eles geralmente são longos, existe uma técnica exclusiva para essa situação. "A faixa retirada é preparada no microscópio para a separação dos folículos que serão implantados. Para a implantação são usados os fios de cabelo compridos que são passados pela borda das pálpebras como se fossem linhas de costura, deixando as raízes implantadas. Então, são cortados no comprimento desejado", explica a dermatologista Christiane Graf Guimarães, especialista em reconstrução e transplante capilar (PR).

Caso os fios de cabelo sejam curtos, a técnica de implantação é feita como no transplante convencional. "Os folículos são removidos do couro cabeludo e implantados na linha dos cílios, um ou dois por vez", explica o cirurgião plástico americano Alan J. Bauman. "Hoje, podemos transplantar mais de 100 cílios por pálpebra", complementa o médico.

A anestesia usada é local com sedação e os exames pré-operatórios seguem a mesma rotina de outras cirurgias.


NeoGraft misinformation starts with Drs who don't use the device

I find it interesting how many physicians and others who have never seen or used a device suddenly become experts in its pros and cons.   This is not a personal attack on any one physician or group, and we probably have all (myself included) jumped to hasty inacurate conclusions about some treatment or another when it was first presented to us.   

Those physicians who attended my FUE video-presentation ("Follicular Unit Extraction Using a Self-Rotating Device") at the ISHRS in Amsterdam in 2009 will likely already be aware of the "reality" vs. the "myth" when it comes to NeoGraft.  Additional research is currently being completed on NeoGraft FUE which will be presented and published at upcoming medical conferences.

MYTH:  "The NeoGraft's fast mechanical rotation twists the follicles/grafts which is in some way harmful."

Reality:  While the NeoGraft's handpiece can be set at high-speed rotation, in our office these settings are simply not used.  In fact, the rotation of the depth-limited handpiece during the initial scoring of the skin prior to extraction of the follicular unit is roughly the same as if you performed the extraction manually.  It is important to understand that the rotation is activated by a foot-pedal switch.  Once the tip of the instrument is aligned over the follicular unit, the rotation is then activated and gentle, steady pressure is applied as the device is guided carefully into the skin.  The tip of the device rotates only rotates maybe once or twice as it enters the skin to a depth of 2-3mm.  Then, after a certain number of these incisions are made, these grafts are extracted gently with forceps.  In our experience, the use of tumescent fluid in the upper dermis stabilizes the tissue further and assists greatly with accuracy and speed. 

In our hands, the benefit of the NeoGraft device is the ergonomics involved with the handpiece which allows a repetitive motion to occur with excellent visualization of the angle of exit of the hairs.  This produces excellent quality grafts (very little transection occurs) at a significantly higher rate of speed compared to manual FUE. 

Note: A tool is only as good as the person who yields it.

"Fashionista" Party at Wild Hare Salon | Boca Raton 12/9/09 7pm | Bauman Medical

image from Bauman Medical Group will be attending and providing info and give-aways at the Wild Hare Salon Fashionista Party this Wednesday December 9th 2009 7pm.  We will have patient information on doctor-directed hair restoration/hair enhancement programs for men and women, non-invasive body-slimming Zerona laser and more.  Looking forward to seeing you there!   More info can be found on Facebook:




Join us for the biggest Holiday Shopping Party at the Wild Hare Salon! With fashion, music, drinks, food and more. And guys... This one is for you too!

Are you ready for the holiday's?? Come to the Wild Hare Salon on this special night for all your holiday needs.

Fashionista has prepared an amazing holiday fashion show for men & women with the latest and sexiest fashions of the year! Everything from head to toe will be at this holiday event! Skin care, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and the best fashions in clothes for men and women!
The Wild Hare spa team and hair team will be ready to pamper you and get you ready for your holiday nights.
All of our guests will receive a gift bag filled with special discounts and goodies from all our invited vendors.
Don't miss this wonderful night of great surprises!

~ ~ ~ SPECIAL GUESTS ~ ~ ~

* "Silver Dagger" an amazing, edgy, sexy yet sophisticated men & women clothing line. Featured in our show that evening. You won't want to miss this!
* Adreanna Grassi with "GirlFlex" a line of spectacular and innovative fitness and street wear.
* Linda Lilly with "Linda Lilly Cosmetics" and her special techniques and latest trends in make-up.
* Annette with "Family Jewelz" a beautiful line of jewelry you must come see.
* "A~Bella Skin Care" A customized skin care line just for you sold exclusively at The Wild Hare Salon.
* Tawny Moore with "NuFace". It is a microcurrent that lifts and tones the skin. It reduces the apprearance of fine lines and wrinkles. FDA approved.
This product has been seen on the Rachel Ray show and is also in all the top fashion magazines.
* Wild Hare hair designers showing new hair styles for this years holiday season.
* Tasting "Scoop of Greens" A concentrated power food. A convenient way to dramatically improve your diet!

* Bauman Medical Group and Dr. Alan Bauman - board-certified Hair Restoration Physician; bringing info on hair loss and hair restoration for men and women, FDA-approved eyelash growth medication, laser therapy for body-slimming (Zerona) and more.