Dr. Bauman launches new phototherapy device this weekend on HSN

Dr. Alan Bauman's Dad's Hair Transplant Results

One of the most common questions I get asked by patients is about my father's hair transplant.  Most patients know that my father (Lawrence Bauman, NJ) used to use a hairpiece back in the 1980's and had several hair transplants (by me) in the mid-1990's.   We used three sessions of transplants, totalling over 6,000 follicular-unit grafts to restore living and growing hair to the frontal 2/3 of his scalp.  Recently, my father came to visit over Thanksgiving 2009 and had a fourth procedure--this time, using NeoGraft FUE to add some additional hair to the crown area.  Obviously, those are not yet grown in.  This before and after slideshow is from his original procedures in the 90's.  Enjoy! 

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