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Dr. Bauman launches new phototherapy device this weekend on HSN

The Omnilux LED New-U hand-held is the only FDA-cleared at-home device for the effective treatment of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes---commonly known as crow's feet.   I've been asked to help launch the Omnilux LED New-U device this weekend on HSN (Home Shopping Network) as a medical guest who is well-versed in the mechanisms of phototherapy and as a physician who has experience with the device.   We've been using the in-office Omnilux device for over a year at Bauman Medical Group with great satisfaction from our patients.   

The use of red and infrared light applied to the skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the Omnilux New-U has the same LED technology as the larger, in-office device.

If you are interested, catch me 'live' on HSN during the following times:

HSN Air-Times (Note: all times Eastern Standard)
Friday, Jan 29th  11am ET and 7pm ET
Saturday, Jan 30th  5am ET and 8am ET

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What does the research show...?

new-U Clinical Trials
A Study to determine the efficacy of a novel handheld LED device in the treatment of photo-aged skin
Neil S. Sadick, MD|
Weill Medical College of Cornell University|
Department of Dermatology|
New York
|NY 10021
The use of visible or near infrared spectral light alone for the purpose of skin rejuvenation has been previously reported in the literature. These devices use large arrays of diodes to deliver light to the skin. In this study, a novel method of light emitting diode (LED) photo rejuvenation incorporating a combination of these wavelengths delivered from a small hand-held unit is proposed. 22 subjects with facial rhytids received 8 light therapy treatments over a course of 4 weeks, using the Omnilux handheld LED system. Assessment of global skin grading was evaluated at weeks 6, 9 and 12 by a dermatologist. Additional outcome measures included assessments of clinical photography and patient satisfaction scores. 74% of subjects reported a visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles at 8 weeks post treatment. Combination red and near infrared LED therapy delivered from a small portable handheld unit, represents an effective and acceptable method of photo rejuvenation. Further studies to optimize the parameters of treatment are required.

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Dr. Alan Bauman's Dad's Hair Transplant Results

One of the most common questions I get asked by patients is about my father's hair transplant.  Most patients know that my father (Lawrence Bauman, NJ) used to use a hairpiece back in the 1980's and had several hair transplants (by me) in the mid-1990's.   We used three sessions of transplants, totalling over 6,000 follicular-unit grafts to restore living and growing hair to the frontal 2/3 of his scalp.  Recently, my father came to visit over Thanksgiving 2009 and had a fourth procedure--this time, using NeoGraft FUE to add some additional hair to the crown area.  Obviously, those are not yet grown in.  This before and after slideshow is from his original procedures in the 90's.  Enjoy! 

Greg Benson's new "Hair Transplant!?" video. Very funny!
This was the video he recorded while he underwent his NeoGraft FUE hair transplant procedure, which was broadcast live on the internet.

Hair Loss Remedy AVACOR 'band of hucksters' Fined $50 Million

Alameda, CA.  11/09 - A jury has returned a $50 million verdict in a class action lawsuit against Avacor, a hair-loss remedy that was marketed as an all-natural, clinically tested product.  The lawsuit alleged that the marketers of Avacor hair regrowth products violated California law by making unsubstantiated, false and misleading statements in connection with the advertising and sale of Avacor.  The lawsuit also alleged misbranding  and illeagal distribution of Avacor in violation of the law.  The outcome against two defendants marked the second trial victory in the same class action for the plaintiff lawyers.  Alameda County Superior Court Judge Robert Freedman commented, "The court can and does take judicial notice of the fact that enormous sums of money are spent on personal care and grooming products" adding, "Into this lucrative market stepped a band of hucksters, to prey on the vulnerability of human nature and employing a colossal array of false, deceptive and fraudulent techniques cynically collected millions of dollars from deceived Calfornia consumers."

Reprinted From "The National Hair Journal"  Vol 12 No. 52

A small but significant victory for those who were 'suckered' by the deceptive, false and misleading claims that were so pervasive on every radio station.  Perhaps other states will now follow.  It is also unfortunate that so many people choose to self-treat their hair loss with unsubstantiated remedies before seeking the advice of a professional.   --Dr. B.


Jeremy Piven's Bad Hair Transplant Scar (and how to avoid one)

Although linear harvesting or 'the strip-method' is the least expensive way to transplant hair, it can lead to a 'tell-tale' donor scar which may be visible from a distance if not covered with enough surrounding hair.   

This recent photo of Jeremy Piven (courtesy: TMZ) reveals a particulary wide, likely non-trichophytic, linear donor hair transplant scar.   

Jeremypiven_tmz To avoid a linear scar in the first place, consider hair transplantation with the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction approach.  A new device, called NeoGraft, allows the surgical team to efficiently transplant more hair follicles during an FUE procedure than before.  YouTube celeb Kevin 'Nalts' Nalty and Actor/Director Greg Benson (Mediocre Films) both recently underwent FUE/NeoGraft hair transplants and documented their experiences on YouTube.  FUE with NeoGraft, as seen recently on Rachael Ray "Plastic Surgery Breakthroughs," allows the harvesting of follcicles from the donor area without the use of a scalpel, stitches or staples.  And, while no procedure can be 100% scar-free, after a matter of days healing is complete and undetectable from a social distance--even with a very short haircut. 

If you must undergo a linear harvest (perhaps due to budget or extensive hair loss), be sure your hair transplant surgeon is adept at 'trichophytic closures.'  A trichophytic closure or tricho-closure is a microsurgical closure technique which allows hair to eventually grow hair through the scar--helping to camouflage it.   Tricho-closures are not a 100% perfect solution, but typically allow for shorter haircuts than non-trichophytic linear closures.  Also, in preparation for your transplant, let your hair length in the donor area grow to at least 1 inch.  This will allow camouflage of the stitches immediately following a linear harvest.

If you've already had a linear harvest and have a troublesome scar, all is not lost!  A small FUE/NeoGraft hair transplant procedure can be used to redistribute healthy donor hair follicles into the scar tissue left from hair transplants or scars from other scalp surgery, thereby camouflaging it.   Linear Scar Camouflage procedures typically require about 250-350 follicular-unit grafts and now with NeoGraft, can often be completed in just an hour or two.   Sometimes, more than one scar-camouflage procedure is needed, depending on the severity of the scar.   Again, scar-camouflage procedures are not a 100% cure for a bad scar, but they can often dramatically improve the coverage with just a single FUE/NeoGraft session.

Below is an example of an FUE/NeoGraft donor area Before, Immediately After and One-Week After harvesting of 1600+ Follicular-unit grafts.  More FUE donor area photos, including extraction and implantation pictures are on flickr.   


My suggestion to Mr. Piven would be to consider FUE/NeoGraft hair transplant procedure to camouflage the linear donor scar.  

--Dr. B.

First Newsletter of 2010 from Bauman Medical Group

The first BMG Newsletter of 2010 went out yesterday. Visit this link to read the archived version: Bauman Medical Group Newsletter January 2010.  Happy New Year 2010 to all readers and followers!  We look forward to your continued feedback this year! --Dr. B.