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Dr. Bauman's YouTube Videos Surpass 1,000,000 Views

Last week, while my team and I were in Orlando operating and lecturing at the ISHRS Orlando Live Hair Transplant Surgery Workshop, more than one-hundred attendees were watching us perform those hair transplant and eyelash transplant procedures in-person.   At the same time, however, the Bauman Medical Group YouTube Channeland YouTube videos were also attracting some eyeballs--pushing our total number of video views over the one-million mark!  

Now, this may pale in comparison to YouTube personalities Kevin 'Nalts' Nalty (130M views) and Greg "Mediocre Films" Benson (83M views), but we felt it was an exciting milestone nonetheless.   Our videos range from news media interviews to hair loss/hair transplant educational videos and some humorous clips regarding people's struggles to overcome hair loss. 

We have also recently launched a new video channel called "SurgeonofNalts" which depicts the more casual and personal side of Bauman Medical Group which we will be adding more videos to as time goes on.  If you haven't visited in a while, go check them out!    Don't forget to 'subscribe' so you won't miss any updates and we always enjoy the feedback, so keep it coming!

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ISHRS Orlando Live Surgery Workshop 2010 Recap

Just returned from this year's Orlando Live Surgery Workshop (OLSW) sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).   The 16th annual installation of this event certainly did not disappoint!   The four-day marathon of lectures and surgery keeps you energized and on your toes.  This year, I was invited to present two lectures and perform two surgical procedures at the conference: Eyelash Transplantation and NeoGraft/FUE Hair Transplant Surgery.  

Having performed FUE at the OLSW back in 2003  (and struggled to do it manually, I might add!) it was certainly exciting to debut the automated NeoGraft Hair Transplant Device at the Orlando Live Surgery Workshop for the first time this year in HD video and 'in-use' on a live patient.  In about one hour of extraction time, we harvested 357 grafts with less than 3.5% transection per follicle and 2.2% transection per graft.   

It was also a pleasure lecturing and performing cosmetic Eyelash Transplant on our good friend and colleague, Dr. Denise Baker--a wonderful physician and a great patient! 

Visit for a press release about NeoGraft at Live Surgery Workshop.  Visit for detailed information about NeoGraft FUE.

Below is a short sampling of some of the photos from the event:

Orlando Live Hair Transplant Surgery Workshop 2010

The Bauman Medical Group staff and I are getting ready for next week's 16th Annual ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, Florida. Always a great learning experience, the interaction between hair transplant physicians who share their thoughts, approach and techniques the OLSW over the years is always 'worth the trip.' As an invited faculty member again this year, I am scheduled to lecture on and demonstrate the following hair transplant procedures/techniques:

1) FUE Hair Transplant using NeoGraft compared to other self-rotating devices.

2) Cosmetic and Reconstructive Eyelash Transplants

Also, one of our patients who had his FUE hair transplant procedure this week in Boca Raton using the NeoGraft will be on hand to show the healing phase of his FUE hair transplant one week post-op.

For more information on the 2010 Hair Transplant Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando April 7-10 please visit

More updates will follow!


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