Genetic Test Predicts Cellulite
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Genetic Test Predicts Cellulite... Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Cellulite: A common concern

As mentioned in a previous post, Genetic Test Predicts Cellulite, a non-invasive genetic test now exists that can predict your chances of suffering from cellulite.  Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure or consistent treatment regimen that exists.   Confirming speculation that cellulite may be related to a circulation or blood supply issue, the genetic test looks at ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme), a cardiovascular enzyme.  The press release alludes to the fact that lifestyle choices, nutrition, medication choices may impact cellulite--and even goes as far to say that treatments such as laser therapy may be effective in slowing or stopping it's progression.


At our Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, we've noticed that some women do receive some benefit from Zerona Laser Therapy when it comes to cellulite.  However, it is certainly not every patient, not every time.   Cellulite is a complex 'three dimensional problem' of the skin, altering its appearance and function creating the dreaded "cottage cheese look."   One component may be the amount of fat trapped between the septae within the outermost layers of fat just under the skin.  Reducing the amount of fat in those areas (diet, exercise, laser therapy, etc.) may help the problem.  

Let me know what you think...  If you knew you were going to be prone to cellulite (or more cellulite) what would you do?  What steps would you take...?  How far would you go to prevent it?

--Dr. B.

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