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NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant Healing and Results



FUE with NeoGraft is a minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure that heals faster and more comfortably than a traditional hair transplant. Because each follicle is meticulously harvested in natural groups (follicular units) of one, two or three hairs, there is no linear scar.  In the frontal area, seen here in the photos above, you can track the progress from Preop, 24 hours, 7 Days and 12 Months of 1,985 grafts transplanted in a single session (patient was out-of-the-office by 5pm).  Other photos are available at Dr. Bauman's photo-sharing site. Notice that the scabs flake off in one week and the growth takes months to grow in. Notice the naturalness of the transplanted hairline and the quality of the hair growth from this hair transplant procedure.  This hair transplant was performed by Dr. Alan Bauman, Medical Director of Bauman Medical Group.

HairCheck at Bauman Medical Group (Carol)

Carol is a surgical technician at Bauman Medical Group who also assists with diagnostic procedures, like the HairCheck(r).  HairCheck is a non-invasive way to measure and track the amount of hair growing in a given area of scalp (called your Hair Mass Index or "HairNumber").  The HairCheck device is a very sensitive 'trichometer' which measures hair caliber and hair density together in a single number.  HairCheck is included with the initial consultation at Bauman Medical Group.