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Hope for thinning hair and hair loss with LaserCap - new video

Laser Cap offers Help For Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Laser Cap Device Offers Hope For Hair Loss - seen on WPLG10 - Miami/Ft.Lauderdale FL

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BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Hair loss affects millions of American men and women, and the results can be devastating.

"One of my friends said to me that when you look at a woman the hair is the first thing you see, and that's the image of who you are," said Marsha Schildhorn.

When Schildhorn started losing hair at the front of her head, she turned to Boca Raton hair loss specialist Dr. Alan J. Bauman.

"We talked about a transplant, then he told me to try this new device," said Schildhorn.

The device is a flexible, low-level laser circuit board that fits inside just about any hat. Dr. Bauman calls it the Laser Cap.

"The circuit board is connected to a rechargeable battery pack that fits in your pocket, so you can wear this anywhere," Bauman said.

"I can be driving my car, watching TV, working in the yard, doing just about anything," said Schildhorn.

The cap is built on the same technology of in office laser hoods and at-home hand-held devices.

"The difference is that you don't have the inconvenience of coming to a doctor's office, like you do with the hood, and you don't have to hold it over your head for 20 minutes like you do with the other devices," said Bauman. "That makes for greater patient compliance."

Billy Carney started using the laser cap after going through a hair transplant.

"I wanted to do everything I could to support hair growth, and my friends say they've really seen a difference," he said.

Schildhorn is happy with the improvement she's seen.

"The entire front of my hair grew in," she said. "It's hard to believe the difference, it's really amazing."

Bauman said there are limitations to what any laser therapy can do.

"If the follicles are dead and gone and there's no hair production, you're not going to see much or a change or improvement from laser therapy," he said.

The device sells for $3,000. In-office laser treatments can cost around $4,000 for a year of weekly sessions. Hand-held hair laser devices cost between $300 and $700.

To reach Bauman, call: 1-877-228-6269, 561-394-0024 or visit or

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