Latisse for Scalp Hair Growth - NY Times Article
Latisse for Scalp Hair Growth on ABC Good Morning America

Hair Loss / Hair Transplant Robot and NeoGraft FUE on FOX NEWS

As a full-time hair transplant surgeon, personally, I'm excited about the ARTAS robot and it's possibilities. Hopefully, those of us who already routinely perform no-scalpel/no-stitch FUE hair transplant procedures using automated devices like NeoGraft will be amongst the first to take ARTAS for a "test-drive" and see what the device is capable of. Now that the device is FDA-approved, the testing can begin.

Just a reminder, harvesting the hair for transplantation plays NO role in the final naturalness of the restoration in the transplanted area--this is determined exclusively by the artistry of the surgeon. For what's available today for treating hair loss safely and effectively, visit

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