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Could the FDA-approved eyelash growth medication Latisse be the next topical hair growth drug for men and women with hair loss?   Allergan thinks it might have some promise since they've started clinical trials to seek FDA-approval.   In this week's New York Times, experts weighed in on their perspective in the use of Latisse on the scalp to encourage hair growth. 

At Bauman Medical Group, we use fda-approved medications, laser therapy, nutritional modification in addition to off-label treatments in some cases to help our patients enhance, protect and restore their own living and growing hair.

Generally, for women with thinning hair and hair loss, alternatives to the FDA-approved topical treatment Rogaine (minoxidil) or 82M (strong, prescription-strength minoxidil) are used when side effects like skin irritation occur. 

Latisse/bimatoprost is a topical treatment that MAY be able to be used just once a day, as opposed to minoxdil topicals which MUST be used twice a day for maximum effectiveness.

Research is underway which will determine how effective Latisse will be and which patients are likely to get the best response.

Tracking with HairCheck and other standardized devices make the medical management of hair loss an accurate and scientific processs.

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