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Mega FUE hair transplant easier with NeoGraft, which is not a robot

NeoGraft is not really a robot, but it is a medical device which makes harvesting individual hair follicles and follicular units for transplantation (FUE) more accurate and more efficient. Just a few years ago, hair transplant surgeons could not imagine harvesting over 2,000 FUE type grafts in a single day. Today, this is a common hair transplant reality! New methods also allow for two-day procedures, so more hair follicles and follicular units can be harvested and implanted in a single visit to the clinic. This set contains examples of patients who have had two-day sessions of FUE / NeoGraft transplantation, commonly known as a "Mega FUE" hair transplant. For more information on Dr. Alan Bauman's no-scalpel, no-stitch, no-staple harvesting technique using FUE NeoGraft, visit or
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