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Hair Treatment Breakthrough May Prevent Premature Gray

Gray Hair Therapy
Dr. Roberta Gottlieb, Director of the BioScience Center at SDSU, has developed a technology for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction that may be able to revitalize hair follicles, restoring natural hair color. Dr Gottlieb has been researching cell death induced by numerous factors for well over a decade. The evolution of her research has led her to focus on, among other things, mitochondrial stressors and their function in cell death. Gray hair arises as a consequence of oxidative damage to the color-producing hair follicle stem cells. Mitochondria are the primary source of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and it has been shown that certain mitochondrial disorders associated with increased ROS production are accompanied by premature graying. Moreover, there is evidence that age-related graying is also related to oxidative damage from mitochondria. Interventions that either decrease ROS production or increase antioxidant repair have been shown to postpone graying in specific model systems.


As a full-time Hair Restoration Physician, we see many patients on a daily basis who ask if anything can be done for their gray hair besides hair coloring...  Dr. Gottlieb may be onto something!  Hopefully, we'll have more information soon about her research. -- Dr. B.