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Botulinum toxin (Botox) gel may ease crow's feet - - DermatologyTimes

New York — A new botulinum toxin-based gel has the potential to help smooth crow’s feet without the need for needles, HealthDay News reports.

In part of a new phase 2 trial, 90 patients with moderate-to-severe crow’s feet were randomly assigned to be treated either with a placebo gel or the botulinum toxin gel. Almost 90 percent of the latter had a clinically meaningful reduction in wrinkles, compared with 28 percent of those receiving placebo.

In a second study involving 180 adults with crow’s feet, about 40 percent of those treated with the botulinum toxin gel responded favorably, researchers said.

As we wait for "Botox-Gel," for those who don't like needles, ask your doctor for Botox using the "Ouchless(TM) Needle" by BellaNovus... no messy creams, etc. We've been using it for our hair transplant patients for a few months now with rave reviews... very comfortable! --Dr. Bauman

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