Patients 'Tired' of Laser Combing for hair loss -
What makes today's hair transplants different from "hair plugs" of the past?

"The Future of Hair Loss... topical treatments and beyond" article

The American Hair Loss Council encompasses both Hair Replacement Industry (hairpieces, extensions, wigs and weaves) as well as the medical community (hair transplant surgery and hair growth medications). "The Link" is their publication. It was an honor to contribute to the October 2011 - Premier Issue of "The Link" and discuss the latest in the medical treatment of hair loss.

Topics mentioned in the article ("The Future of Hair Loss," p.8 of The Link) include no scalpel/no stitch NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplants, Formula 82M compounded minoxidil, Latisse/Bimatoprost, Dr. Cohen's "HairCheck" Trichometer, HairDX genetic hair loss testing, LaserCap laser therapy, PRP and future therapies like gene therapy and hair cloning/hair multiplication. --Dr. Alan J. Bauman, Bauman Medical Group


American Hair Loss Council TheLink OCT-2011

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