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Are scientists making progress on Hair Cloning? RepliCel Provides Quarterly Trial Update

To date, 17 of 19 subjects have had their six-month follow-up visit, during which time subjects had their overall health evaluated. This included subjective and objective assessment of verum and placebo injected sites and digital images were taken of the scalp and injection areas.  The digital images will be used to assess any treatment response and any post-injection changes in scalp health compared to baseline and between the two treatment areas.  The remaining two patients are scheduled to complete their follow-up visits before the end of March.  Four patients will complete 12-month follow-up visits in that same time frame.


It seems like scientists have been talking about hair multiplication (aka "hair cloning") for decades. Hair loss patients and hair doctors are wondering, are they making any progress? RepliCel, located in Vancouver, Canada is one of the few companies performing this state of the art research and there are 19 participants in this part of the hair cloning trial. No detailed information has been released by Replicel regarding their observations at the treatment areas so far.

At Bauman Medical Group, we have many patients who might be good candidates for hair multiplication/hair cloning procedures if the technology turns out to be viable! For now, however, we will surely have to stay tuned! --Dr. Alan Bauman

Hair Loss Q+A Live on NYU Doctor Radio SiriusXM81 6pmET Jan26


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Tonight, January 26, 2012 on NYU’s Doctor Radio/SiriusXM 81 at 6pm EST ‘live’ with special medical guest, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, MD – Medical Director of Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, FL.

What’s new in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss for 2012? Can a hair transplant be truly 100% undetectable?  Does laser therapy really work to improve hair growth?  What are the best “hair vitamins?”  How do you find a qualified “Hair Doctor?”  Are your hair growth treatments working? 

Renowned hair loss expert and American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery diplomate, Dr. Alan J. Bauman MD, will be on hand to give the latest updates on how to prevent baldness by maintaining and restoring your own living and growing hair.  

Topics to include hair loss diagnosis and tracking using HairDX™ genetic testing and HairCheck trichometer measurements, ‘better than Rogaine®’ topical medications like Formula 82M™, portable and powerful non-chemical/non-invasive low level laser therapy using LaserCap™, as well as the latest less-invasive NeoGraft™ FUE hair transplant which leaves no linear scar.

Tune in LIVE tonight, January 26, 2012 on NYU’s Doctor Radio / SiriusXM 81 at 6pm EST.

Call in with questions during the show: 877-NYU-DOCS.

Tweet questions in advance to @DrAlanBauman.


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New Year, New Lashes... New Year, New Brows!

2012 Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancement Offer from Bauman Medical Group... 

Do you have weak EYEBROWS? Are you tired of painting your EYEBROWS on each morning?

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Who is a candidate for eyelash transplant? Anyone who has short or thin lashes and is tired of the upkeep and risks of extensions or anyone desiring fuller, longer, natural, permanent lashes without the use of medication.  For more information on eyelash transplantation and eyelash transplant pioneer, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D., visit


Who is a candidate for eyebrow transplant? Anyone that desires natural eyebrows instead of the painted on kind, anyone who is tired of the upkeep of permanent eyebrow makeup or wants to add a third dimension to the tattoo, anyone who plucked their eyebrows “to the point of no return” and they didn’t grow back. For more information on eyebrow transplantation and Eyebrow Transplant pioneer Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D., visit