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New Year, New Lashes... New Year, New Brows!

2012 Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancement Offer from Bauman Medical Group... 

Do you have weak EYEBROWS? Are you tired of painting your EYEBROWS on each morning?

Do you have weak EYELASHES? Would you like to add length and volume to your EYELASHES?

We can restore your eyebrows and or eyelashes permanently with your own living and growing hair!


Eyebrow Transplant: Regularly: $4,450   

50% SPECIAL Rate*: $2225


Eyelash Transplant: Regularly: $6,450  

50% SPECIAL Rate*: $3225


If you are interested, please contact Liz at Bauman Medical Group or 561-394-0024

to schedule your complimentary consultation.


*This special offer is valid for either procedure during the week of January 23rd -28th, 2012 only at our Boca Raton facility.


Who is a candidate for eyelash transplant? Anyone who has short or thin lashes and is tired of the upkeep and risks of extensions or anyone desiring fuller, longer, natural, permanent lashes without the use of medication.  For more information on eyelash transplantation and eyelash transplant pioneer, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D., visit


Who is a candidate for eyebrow transplant? Anyone that desires natural eyebrows instead of the painted on kind, anyone who is tired of the upkeep of permanent eyebrow makeup or wants to add a third dimension to the tattoo, anyone who plucked their eyebrows “to the point of no return” and they didn’t grow back. For more information on eyebrow transplantation and Eyebrow Transplant pioneer Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D., visit

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