Fully functional hair follicle regeneration through the rearrangement of stem cells: Nature Communications
"Gone today, hair tomorrow?" by Steve Dorfman

HairCam iPhone Microscope for Hair Loss Diagnosis and Tracking

"iPhone-ography" or perhaps "iPhone-oscopy...?" It seems like everyone these days is talking about what their iPhone can do and "hair doctors" are no different...

HairCam as seen on ABC Good Morning America _2011Video scalp microscopy just got easier with Dr. Alan Bauman's HairCam™. At the time of your in-office consultation or follow-up appointment, Dr. Bauman may use the HairCam™ to look at your hair and scalp using 30-80x magnification combined with a dual-polarized light source. The quality and quantity of hair growing from a given area of scalp can easily be evaluated within minutes. Using the iPhone's on-board eight megapixel camera, high-resolution images can be obtained and transferred to your electronic medical record. At a future date, repeat high-resolution photos can be obtained from the same area of the scalp using a stereotactic scalp-mapping tool.

ABC-GMA_HairCam_Dr. Alan BaumanCan HairCam™ predict hair loss?
No doctor or machine can predict hair loss with absolute certainty. However, in a person who has not begun any hair growth treatment, a high degree of miniaturized hairs in a given area of scalp could mean that hair density is at risk and the progression of hair loss is highly likely.

Can HairCam™ tell if my hair growth treatment is working?
By comparing images taken in the same area of scalp over time, density and hair caliber can be evaluated. When this information is correlated with other information such as Global Photography and HairCheck™ measurements, scientific conclusions can be drawn.

Can I order my own HairCam™?
Actually, yes! Several versions of the HairCam™ are now available from Bauman Medical Group, ranging in price from $49 to $1299. Please contact [email protected] for more information on the HairCam™.

See HairCam™ in action in the following videos:
HairCam on FOX Miami
HairCam on ABC Good Morning America
Loop Video of HairCam in action

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