FUE NeoGraft Body Hair Transplants Move Beard Hair To Scalp
American Hair Loss Council - Lecture on Medical Management of Hair Loss

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What's new in hair transplant technology?  Less invasive procedures, like NeoGraft FUE, allow for hair follicle harvesting without the need for a scalpel or stitches in the donor area, leaving NO linear scar to hide.  Recovery is shorter, more comfortable and less restricted.  In fact, non-contact athletic activity may resume in just three days. In about a week, the healing is complete. 

Artistic placement of harvested grafts, which contain as little as a single hair follicle, are used to recreate natural and permanent, living and growing results in the hairline, frontal or crown areas for male and female patients.

Although scalp hair would be the best and most preferred match for scalp hair restorations, NeoGraft FUE also allows for harvesting of non-scalp body-hair follicles, such as beard, chest and even leg hair in specialized cases.

For more information on less invasive hair transplants with NeoGraft FUE technique pioneered by Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. visit www.baumanmedical.com




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