Skinny is out. Fuller thicker eyebrows are trending.
"Stealth Shave" Hides Hair Transplant Donor Area After NeoGraft FUE

Eyebrow transplant patients request celebrity eyebrows - NY POST article

Eyebrow-Transplant NYPost DrBauman The trend in eyebrows is for a fuller, thicker brow for the framing of the eye. For those that have overplucked or have thinned out over time, eyebrow transplantation is a permanent way to restore living and growing eyebrows, beyond the two-dimensional pencil or tattoo. At Bauman Medical Group, Dr. Alan Bauman often uses the less invasive NeoGraft FUE technique for hair follicle harvesting which requires no scalpel and no stitches in the donor area and leaves no linear scar. Artistic eyebrow design and meticulous hair follicle placement allows for the permanent restoration of eyebrows weakened or damaged by overplucking or age-related thinning. Want a new shape, but not sure what eyebrow 'look' would work for you? A simple consultation with Dr. Bauman can help determine which eyebrow design would enhance your eye-area. Eyebrow Transplantation is a relatively short, comfortable, outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia using the FDA-approved "Ouchless Needle." Most patients do not require pain medication after one day and cosmetic recovery of the skin takes about a week. Trimming, once the follicles are growing, is mandatory. For more information on Dr. Alan Bauman's eyebrow or eyelash transplants, please contact Bauman Medical Group at or [email protected]
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