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Hormone Replacement and Hair Loss

Managing hair loss during testosterone replacement Presented at the 2012 20th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by hair loss expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman, this lecture focused on one of the possible side effects of androgen (testosterone) replacement therapy: Hair Loss. For those men who are prone to hereditary male pattern hair loss, androgen replacement with testosterone may accelerate the process of hereditary hair thinning and baldness.

Mechanisms of action, medical evaluations, HairCheck hair growth tracking and treatments such as oral medications like finasteride and dutasteride, topical treatments like minoxidil 82M, laser therapy with LaserCap, hair transplantation in addition to nutritional supplementation are all part of the medical management of androgenetic alopecia (hereditary male pattern baldness). Anti-aging physicians should discuss the possibility of hair loss side-effects from androgen replacement with their male patients to whom they might prescribe testosterone.

At Bauman Medical Group, we accept referrals from physicians who would like to partner with us in the medical management of their hair loss patients.Anti-Aging physicians can email or call 561-394-0024 to discuss and collaborate with ABHRS-certified and renowned hair loss physician, Dr. Alan J. Bauman.

Worried about hair loss? Consult your 'hair coach' - Sun Sentinel

Bauman said his course includes education on the root causes of hair loss and breakage, including possible underlying medical issues. Hair coaches are advised to recommend clients see an American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery-certified "hair loss specialist" like him for a comprehensive medical evaluation. No referral fees are offered to anyone sending patients his way, he said.

But outside the medical field, Bauman added, there is plenty hairdressers can help their clients do to recognize damaged hair and avoid over-stressing or mistreating it with harsh chemicals, treatments and heat-emitting devices, which account for much of the breakage that can lead to hair loss.

The first, and often only, stop for that information, Bauman said, is the hair salon.

Congratulations to some of our recent Certified Hair Coach Program graduates for their story on the front page of today's Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle section. They are armed with the tools and knowledge to help those with hair breakage and hair loss. We wish you continued success! --Dr. Alan Bauman