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Can a cosmetic product thicken your hair?

What can an over-the-counter cosmetic 'hair thickening' product actually do for someone with hair loss? Well, as a hair transplant surgeon, I always thought "not much!"  However, I've learned over the years that the right haircare and hairstyling products can be VERY helpful for women with thinning hair and also for some men with thinning hair if they have a medium to longer length hairstyle. At Bauman Medical Group, we developed our own "Bauman-MD" line of haircare products including a sulfate-free, color-safe Shampoo and a lightweight UV protectant Conditioner.  As stand-alone products, or for use in conjunction with FDA-approved hair regrowth medications or devices that act directly on the follicles to produce better hair growth, small improvements in hair fiber 'performance' can certainly have an impact on hair styling, managability and scalp coverage.

In 2011, we began working with Dr. Jeni Thomas and her team from Procter & Gamble's Pantene Institute, testing their AgeDefy Hair Thickening product in a blinded clinical trial on nearly 100 women with thinning hair.  The science supported the action of the product, which was to thicken each individual hair fiber, but what would the results be on our the clinical trial participants after 6 weeks and after 12 weeks?

The results so far have been extremely encouraging, so stay tuned for the final report!  See the video below for more information on Pantene Expert Collection AgeDefy Hair Thickening product.