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South Florida Doctor Tests Treatment For Thinning Hair

Scientists' 'vampire treatment' for baldness - Bauman Medical Group

The research, published in the latest edition of the British Journal of Dermatology, was conducted among a group of people suffering from alopecia areata, which affects about 2 per cent of the population.

However, the scientists believe it could also help those suffering more common varieties, such as male-pattern baldness. Dr Fabio Rinaldi said: “We think it can help to regrow hair on people with androgenic alopecia (male-pattern baldness). We believe it is the best treatment available, apart from surgery.”

The study involved 45 patients, who received the injections on just one half of their head. Some were given the PRP, some were given a more traditional steroid treatment, while others received a placebo.

Vampire PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Growth treatments are working to help those suffering from alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss). Unlocking the powerful proteins and growth factors within the platelets and injecting them into the scalp stimulates improved hair growth from weaker follicles. At Bauman Medical Group, our staff have been fully certified to provide Autologel PRP by Cytomedix since 2011. We also use PRP combined with ACell, an extracellular matrix product. See some hair regrowth photos of our patient Denise who received PRP for her alopecia areata at



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