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When can you expect to see results with LaserCap Laser Therapy?

When can you expect to 'see' results with Laser Therapy treatments like LaserCap?

Because hair fibers are produced from hair follicles at a growth rate of about 1cm per month, even with consistent use of Laser Therapy it can take six to twelve MONTHS to see visible changes in your hair in the mirror.  However, by using an accurate scientific measuring device like HairCheck which takes cross-sectional hair bundle (Hair Mass Index) measurements, it becomes easy to monitor your scalp's response to laser therapy in just a few weeks and track your improvement over time... before its noticeable to the naked eye. HairCheck measurements can be performed at Bauman Medical Group or by a Certified HairCoach near you.

Sometimes, one area of the scalp improves more than another… many patients ask "why?"  
The answer is that the improvement with Laser Therapy treatment with LaserCap will be proportional to the amount of weak hair in a given area.  The higher numbers of weaker hair follicles, the greater the improvement in Hair Mass Index. If the density in a given area is very weak, improvements will be less dramatic.  In addition, if the hair density and thickness is excellent in a given area of scalp, the improvement in that location will also be less dramatic.  It may seem counterintuitive, but just like other non-invasive treatments like Minoxidil (Formula 82M, etc.) and PRP+ACell, the response in each area will be proportional to the amount of hair that can be modulated or improved.  High-powered magnification of the scalp or Dermoscopy with a device like the HairCam can help your hair loss specialist determine which areas are likely to respond to non-invasive treatment and which areas will need minimally-invasive hair transplantation with NeoGraft FUE
At Bauman Medical Group, during your hair loss consultation Dr. Bauman will evaluate several areas of your scalp using HairCheck measurements and HairCam micro-dermoscopy and prescribe a treatment plan based on your hair loss status in each area and hair restoration goals.

Do you have a question about hair loss, laser therapy with LaserCap or another hair growth treatment? Dr. Bauman can answer your questions by email, phone or skype. Contact Dr. Bauman at doctorb@baumanmedical.com

Below: Male Laser Therapy results before and after 6 months and Female Laser Therapy Results before and after 6 months. [Actual Bauman Patients]

Lasertherapy_frontal-male_6mos Lasertherapy_frontal-male_6mos


Note: Patients seen here are actual Bauman Medical Group patients who have used Laser Therapy only and have given their permission to use their photos. 

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