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What happens during a PRP hair regrowth procedure?



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There are several steps involved with PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment at Bauman Medical Group, which takes approximately one-hour in the office. Once the patient and area of hair loss is evaluated and selected for treatment, the process may begin.

1)  Scalp Preparation - An antiseptic scalp-wash is performed. At Bauman Medical, we use a robotic scalpwash device which delivers antiseptic shampoo and a scalp massage.

2)  Evaluation & Measurement - The area of hair loss is measured and evaluated using HairCheck (Cross Sectional Hair Bundle Trichometry/Hair Mass Index measurements) as well as HairCam (Microscopic Dermoscopy) and standardized 'global' photography.

3)  PRP Production - Phebotomy is peformed (blood draw) and the blood sample is processed into PRP Platelet Rich Plasma using a special centrifuge. At Bauman Medical, we use the FDA-approved Cytomedix "AutoloGel" process. All of our medical technicians have been AutoloGel-Certified since 2011.

4)  Anesthesia - Local anesthetic is applied to the scalp using the FDA-Approved "Ouchless Needle" for a completely painless procedure.

5)  PRP Application - The PRP is mixed with extracellular matrix (ECM) and injected into the scalp.  At Bauman Medical, we use either ACell/Matristem (porcine urinary bladder ECM) or BioD/AmnioMTM (human amniotic ECM + stem cells).

6) Microtrauma - Microtrauma is performed without damaging rollers by using a depth-adjustable automated MicroPen microneedling device. Then, a gentle scalpwash is performed.

7) Low Level Laser Therapy - A 15 minute laser therapy treatment is applied using an in-office 107 diode 650nm 5mw/laser diode device.

8) Instructions/Follow-up - No bandage is needed. Patients may shampoo their scalp that evening and use mild analgesics (tylenol) if necessary. Follow-up measurement and evaluations are scheduled every four weeks.


Results expectations of PRP Hair Regrowth:  Based on our experience at Bauman Medical Group and scientific reports, we have noticed that Hair Mass Index measurement start to improve in about 8-12 weeks, and plateau within 9-14 months. Repeat treatments will likely be needed to maintain the improved hair growth every 12-18 months. Areas of the scalp where significant numbers of miniaturized hair follicles exists tend to improve more dramatically than other zones.


PRP for Alopecia Areata & Androgenetic Alopecia

Are You A Candidate for PRP Hair Regrowth?  To find out if you are a candidate for PRP hair regrowth treatments with ACell or BioD amniotic ECM + stem cells, please contact Dr. Alan Bauman via or call 561-394-0024.





Hair Loss Q+A on NYU Doctor Radio Wed Nov 6th 6pmEST w/ Dr Alan Bauman

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Tune in tonight, November 6, 2013 on NYU’s Doctor Radio/SiriusXM 81 at 6pm EST (2300 GMT) to listen ‘live’ with special medical guest and renowned Hair Loss Expert, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, MD – Medical Director of Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, FL discuss the latest advances in the medical and surgical treatment of hair loss.

What’s new in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss? How close are we to hair cloning?  What can 'Vampire PRP' Hair Regrowth Treatments do?  Can a hair transplant be truly 100% undetectable?  Does laser therapy really work to improve hair growth?  What's better than over-the-counter Rogaine?  How do you find a qualified “Hair Doctor?”  Are your hair growth treatments working? 

Renowned hair loss expert and American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Diplomate, Dr. Alan J. Bauman MD, will be on hand to give the latest updates on how to prevent baldness by effectively intaining and restoring your own living and growing hair using the latest medical treatments.

Topics to include hair loss diagnosis and tracking using HairDX™ genetic testing and HairCheck trichometer measurements, Vampire PRP Hair Regrowth treatments with stem cells, ‘better than Rogaine®’ topical medications like Formula 82M™, portable and powerful non-chemical/non-invasive low level laser therapy using LaserCap™, as well as the latest less-invasive NeoGraft™ FUE hair transplant which leaves no linear scar and more...

Tune in LIVE tonight, November 6, 2013 on NYU’s Doctor Radio / SiriusXM 81 at 6pm EST (2300 GMT).

Call in with questions during the show: 877-NYU-DOCS or tweet questions now to @DrAlanBauman.


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