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What happens during a PRP hair regrowth procedure?



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There are several steps involved with PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment at Bauman Medical Group, which takes approximately one-hour in the office. Once the patient and area of hair loss is evaluated and selected for treatment, the process may begin.

1)  Scalp Preparation - An antiseptic scalp-wash is performed. At Bauman Medical, we use a robotic scalpwash device which delivers antiseptic shampoo and a scalp massage.

2)  Evaluation & Measurement - The area of hair loss is measured and evaluated using HairCheck (Cross Sectional Hair Bundle Trichometry/Hair Mass Index measurements) as well as HairCam (Microscopic Dermoscopy) and standardized 'global' photography.

3)  PRP Production - Phebotomy is peformed (blood draw) and the blood sample is processed into PRP Platelet Rich Plasma using a special centrifuge. At Bauman Medical, we use the FDA-approved Cytomedix "AutoloGel" process. All of our medical technicians have been AutoloGel-Certified since 2011.

4)  Anesthesia - Local anesthetic is applied to the scalp using the FDA-Approved "Ouchless Needle" for a completely painless procedure.

5)  PRP Application - The PRP is mixed with extracellular matrix (ECM) and injected into the scalp.  At Bauman Medical, we use either ACell/Matristem (porcine urinary bladder ECM) or BioD/AmnioMTM (human amniotic ECM + stem cells).

6) Microtrauma - Microtrauma is performed without damaging rollers by using a depth-adjustable automated MicroPen microneedling device. Then, a gentle scalpwash is performed.

7) Low Level Laser Therapy - A 15 minute laser therapy treatment is applied using an in-office 107 diode 650nm 5mw/laser diode device.

8) Instructions/Follow-up - No bandage is needed. Patients may shampoo their scalp that evening and use mild analgesics (tylenol) if necessary. Follow-up measurement and evaluations are scheduled every four weeks.


Results expectations of PRP Hair Regrowth:  Based on our experience at Bauman Medical Group and scientific reports, we have noticed that Hair Mass Index measurement start to improve in about 8-12 weeks, and plateau within 9-14 months. Repeat treatments will likely be needed to maintain the improved hair growth every 12-18 months. Areas of the scalp where significant numbers of miniaturized hair follicles exists tend to improve more dramatically than other zones.


PRP for Alopecia Areata & Androgenetic Alopecia

Are You A Candidate for PRP Hair Regrowth?  To find out if you are a candidate for PRP hair regrowth treatments with ACell or BioD amniotic ECM + stem cells, please contact Dr. Alan Bauman via or call 561-394-0024.





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