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Female Hair Loss Treatment on TheDoctors TV Show & Dr. Alan Bauman - Hair loss suffer, JoAnn, contacted The Doctors TV Show concerned about years of hair loss including shedding, loss of volume and coverage. Stress, heredity, medical conditions, medications, nutrition and many other factors can contribute to hair loss in women.  Today, hair loss specialists use a multitude of effective treatments to slow stop and reverse the hair loss process.  Weak hair, thinning hair, loss of volume or severe shedding are common problems. An abnormal amount of hair in the brush or drain can be signs that hair loss is occurring. Your local dermatologist may not have the time or treatments to offer. Full-time hair loss specialists, like ABHRS-certified Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan Bauman are your best source of diagnosis, treatment and accurate tracking of your hair loss and hair regrowth status. Dr. Alan Bauman was invited on the Emmy Award winning show The Doctors to discuss low level laser therapy, a non-chemical, non-drug treatment for hair loss.

Low Level Laser Therapy is a non-chemical, non-drug, side-effect free way to improve hair growth. Laser therapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies such as PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, prescription topical medications (like Formula 82M), oral medications and supplements as well as no linear scar NeoGraft FUE hair transplants.

At Bauman Medical Group, we have successfully treated thousands of men and women with low level laser therapy since 1997.
For men and women suffering from thinning hair and hair loss, a full medical evaluation is recommended to determine genetic risks, medical conditions, nutritional status and other factors that influence hair growth.

Dr. Bauman also recommends obtaining scientific baseline trichometry measurements with the HairCheck cross-sectional hair bundle trichometer and HairCam dermoscopy for tracking purposes BEFORE starting any regimen.
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Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. is a full-time certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery who has treated over 15,000 hair loss patients from across the globe since 1997.  He has pioneered hair restoration treatments and procedures such as minimally-invasive FUE NeoGraft hair transplants, low level laser therapy for hair regrowth, compounded hair growth medications, eyelash and eyebrow transplants as well as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments using placental ECM additives.
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Prominent Hair Restoration Expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman to Discuss Low Level Laser Therapy on ‘The Doctors,’ Announces New Laser Clinical Study

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) May 19, 2014

On Thursday, May 22, the Emmy Award-winning talk show ‘The Doctors’ will be discussing low level laser therapy (LLLT) for hair loss with nationally prominent hair restoration expert, Dr. Alan J. Bauman. The timing of the appearance coincides with Dr. Bauman’s announcement of his new clinical study on laser therapy and hair regrowth.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to discuss hair loss with "The Doctors” and to showcase some of the newest advances in laser therapy,” commented Dr. Bauman. “I hope that viewers are empowered by the new drug-free and non-invasive technologies available to treat and prevent hair loss.”

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Can eyelash extensions cause eyelash damage?



Many celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have recently popularlized the use of eyelash extensions. However, last year, Consumer Reports warned of the dangers of eyelash extensions and the glue that are used to attach them to the lids and existing lashes Around the same time, actress Kristin Chenoweth appeared with David Letterman on national TV after a severe allergic reaction from the process.

“The hidden dangers with eyelash extensions include infection, allergic reaction, irritation and loss of your natural lashes,” Dr. Orly Avitzur, a Tarrytown, N.Y., neurologist and medical adviser to Consumer Reports told ABC News.

In addition to allergic reactions to the glue, eyelash extensions may make harbor harmful bacteria which can cause bactierial infections in the eye area.  Other problems noted by eyelash transplant surgeon, Dr. Alan J. Bauman in Boca Raton is the damage caused by traction alopecia of the natural eyelashes. Traction alopecia is a condition common to the scalp and other areas where consistent and chronic pulling or 'traction' causes the follicles to produce weaker hair over time, and potentially ceaseing hair production completely. This is the same permanent destruction of the hair follicle that occurs when patients with trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) pull consistently at their lashes, brows or scalp hair. 

In the cases of eyelash extensions, many women notice that when the extensions are removed, they have fewer and weaker lashes over time. Eventually, in some patients, the damage from the eyelash extensions are permanent and will require eyelash transplantation in order to repair.

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What are the risks of eyelash extensions? Tune in to NBC WPTV Palm Beach 5/5


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To what lengths will you go if you want to improve your weak, thin eyelashes?  False lashes, extensions and mascara certainly have their pros and cons. Do false lashes, eyelash extensions damage your eyelashes?  What is the cost of FDA-approved eyelash medication, Latisse?  Why do eyelash transplants 'come with scissors?'  What are the risks and benefits of these options?

Choices for better lashes include mascara, artificial lashes, medication (like Latisse) and eyelash transplantation.  Tune in Monday May 5th 2014 on NBC Palm Beach WPTV to find out which option may be right for you (airtime to be announced). Dr. Bauman offers his expert opinion on surgical and non-surgical eyelash improvement options.

Dr. Alan Bauman is an eyelash transplant pioneer who has authored several textbook chapters on eyelash transplant pocedures. His eyelash transplant procedures have been featured on ABC Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, NBC Today Show, Newsweek, Access Hollywood, Extra and more.

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