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Can eyelash extensions cause eyelash damage?

What are the risks of eyelash extensions? Tune in to NBC WPTV Palm Beach 5/5


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To what lengths will you go if you want to improve your weak, thin eyelashes?  False lashes, extensions and mascara certainly have their pros and cons. Do false lashes, eyelash extensions damage your eyelashes?  What is the cost of FDA-approved eyelash medication, Latisse?  Why do eyelash transplants 'come with scissors?'  What are the risks and benefits of these options?

Choices for better lashes include mascara, artificial lashes, medication (like Latisse) and eyelash transplantation.  Tune in Monday May 5th 2014 on NBC Palm Beach WPTV to find out which option may be right for you (airtime to be announced). Dr. Bauman offers his expert opinion on surgical and non-surgical eyelash improvement options.

Dr. Alan Bauman is an eyelash transplant pioneer who has authored several textbook chapters on eyelash transplant pocedures. His eyelash transplant procedures have been featured on ABC Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, NBC Today Show, Newsweek, Access Hollywood, Extra and more.

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