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One of our #beardtransplant patients was featured on the cover of the South Florida Sun Sentinel today. #cosmetic #surgery #trend

Beard Sideburn Facial Hair Transplant_DrAlanBauman


The decline of razor sales may be an indicator of the rise in popularity of growing a beard. Some raise the question whether "Hipsters" in NY are to blame for this popular trend, but we've seen a wide cross-section of men in South Florida looking to fill in gaps in their goatees, mustaches or beards, covers scars from plastic surgery (facelifts or cleft-palate), acne or facial injuries, Hasidic Jews seeking thicker peyot/sidelocks, and transgender patients completing their masculine transformation through thicker facial hair.

As one of the cosmetic surgery capitals of the world, South Florida and Boca Raton, FL specifically, at Bauman Medical Group we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for information about facial hair transplants over the past year and a spike in beard transplant surgeries from across the U.S.. This trend recently caught the attention of renowned shock-radio host, Howard Stern, who invited ABHRS-certified and IAHRS-accepted hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. to discuss beard transplantation live on the air.

Advances in minimally-invasive hair transplant techinques like NeoGraft FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, have allowed for the harvesting of hair follicles from the back of the scalp without the traditional--and invasive--scalpel & stitches process.  Less downtime, less pain, quicker recovery, fewer activity restrictions, and absolutely NO linear scar are some of the benefits of NeoGraft FUE approach.  

Beard Sideburn Facial Hair Transplant_DrAlanBauman_2

Of course, aside from harvesting techniques and skill, Hair Transplantation and Beard Transplantation requires significant artistry on the part of the surgeon, so the end results look natural and not transplanted.

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