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Theradome Laser Device FDA Cleared For Hair Regrowth on Fox News

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[excerpt from FOX NEWS:]

Both men and women have utilized many resources to combat baldness, but now a former NASA scientist is using lasers to regrow hair. Dr. Tamim Hamid is the CEO and inventor of Theradome, a helmet that he said “uses 80 cold lasers to promote hair growth by stimulating the base of the hair follicle.”

He based his helmet off the findings of Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician who accidentally discovered that lasers can grow hair in mice in 1965.

“This has been sitting dormant for many, many years until about 2009. We discovered that the same wavelength of 678 nanometers was able to stimulate hair on humans as well,” Hamid told

To further explain how light grows hair Hamid said, “the laser light stimulates the mitochondria at the base of the hair follicle, which is where the stem cells that grow hair are located. Once the hair follicle is reactivated using light energy, the hair reverses the miniaturization process which was induced by the hormone DHT.”

The challenge that Hamid faced was putting this technology into something that was wearable and easy to use.

Using non-chemical, side-effect free low level laser therapy for hair regrowth is not "new" science at Bauman Medical Group, where board-certified Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan J. Bauman has been using in-office laser devices for his hair loss patients since 1999.  But what has changed are the delivery devices themselves... from large stationary in-office hoods, to portable yet comparatively weak combs and brushes, to the latest in hands-free Laser Therapy helmets, discreet and powerful LaserCaps and other devices yet to be made public, the laser hair growth devices have changed and will continue to change quickly over the years.

What's important for hair loss sufferers to know is that devices vary in cost typically depending on the number of diodes and ease-of-use.  Some devices are used in the office and require multiple visits per week, some devices are hand-held and must be directed over the scalp during each session, other devices are head worn and are hands free. Head worn units vary in power, wavelength, number of true laser diodes, size and power source (corded AC power vs. cordless battery pack). 

The Theradome laser device for hair growth has 80 diodes at 670nm wavelength about four times the number of the iGrow device which has about 20 lasers and an assortment of non-laser diodes. LaserCap has 224 diodes in their cordless device which fits under a standard ballcap.

The requirement for significant improvement in hair regrowth using laser therapy is the presence of a weak follicle. If hair follicles are "dead and gone"--which can easily be determined by a microscopic HairCam evaluation, laser therapy and other non-invasive treatments are not likely to have an effect and NeoGraft FUE hair transplantation will be needed. 

Because hair growth rates are consistently about 0.5 inches per month, it takes 90 days to measure hair regrowth with HairCheck trichometry and 6-12 months to see a difference in standardized photos.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is important to have a complete medical evaluation and hair loss evaluation by a hair loss specialist.

For more information about low level laser therapy for hair loss or a complete evaluation by full-time board-certified Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan Bauman visit





New York Times reviews #hairloss treatments like PRP, lasers, stem cells and hair transplants

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Nice to see some of the new hair loss treatments for women gain some attention from the New York Times. They covered therapies like stem cells, PRP, minoxidil, laser therapy and hair transplantation.

When it comes to PRP and other hair regrowth treatments, not all physicians are performing the same "recipe" or preparation. Instead of multiple, monthly injections the addition of extracellular matrix products, like ACell or BioD, seems to help results from Platelet Rich Plasma last longer and be stronger.

New pharmacy-compounded minoxidil preparations like Formula 82M reduce side effects of the over-the-counter Rogaine and generic versions. Less greasy and irritating, Formula 82M minoxidil is a strong hair growth treatment which contains ingredients which improve the penetration and efficacy of the minoxidil. 

The number of laser therapy devices available for patients have certainly increased dramatically over the years since we started with in-office laser therapy at Bauman Medical Group in 1999.  FDA-cleared laser hoods, clinical units, combs, hats, helmets and caps vary in cost, power and convenience. Savvy consumers will seek out powerful laser devices that are hands-free which sit underneath standard ball caps, hats, scarves or other headwear.  

Minimally-invasive hair transplant procedures, like NeoGraft FUE, are appropriate for women who want to lower their hairline, add density to their temple areas or frontal zones without the downtime, discomfort and restrictions of old-style linear harvesting requiring a scalpel, stitches or staples. 

For more information about the latest advancements in hair loss diagnosis, hair loss treatments and hair transplants for women, visit