Top 6 Reasons Your Hair Growth Treatments Aren't Working
Is shedding normal after PRP Hair Regrowth treatment?

Are you at risk for #ManBunBaldness?

Bad news for the "top knot" or "man bun" fans... Yes, a tight ‪#‎ManBun‬ can certainly put someone at risk for hair loss due to traction alopecia depending on the length of time the "bun" is worn and how tight it is. Chronic pulling on the hair fiber can cause hair loss and permanent damage to the follicle over time--in other words, it's considered high-risk for baldness. Similar risks are associated with hair loss in women with hair extensions, tight braids, hairpieces attached with clips, etc. Folks (men and women) need to remember that you can loose 50% of your hair before its noticeable to the naked eye.

What to do if you think your hairline is receding from the man bun or you're experiencing ‪#‎ManBunBaldness‬? Visit a Bauman Certified HairCoach professional who is certified and trained in HairCheck cross-sectional hair bundle trichometry measurements for a non-invasive accurate scientific assessment of hair growth changes over time. That way you'll know if you're doing damage in the very early stages and if you are at risk for hair loss due to other causes like hereditary hair thinning or male pattern baldness.

Medical and nutritional interventions may help prevent some damage, but once follicles become permanently destroyed, hair transplants are needed to restore growth.

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