Male Pattern Baldness Linked to Colon Cancer
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Bald truth: hair loss down to genes controlling follicle creation, study finds | Science | The Guardian

Baldness in old age may be related to stem cell loss in follicles, research suggests.

Mammals that have longer lifespans are known to lose their hair, but a study published in the journal Science on Thursday attempts to understand why that is so.

Hair follicle stem cells, which generate the sacs or follicles that produce hair, keep hair growth going over time and have even been shown, in mouse studies, to resist ageing.

This new information about the control of hair follicle stem cells is exciting news. The question remains, however, can these failing stem cells be reactivated in some way through our current medical treatments for hair regrowth like Laser Therapy, Minoxidil Formula 82M or even PRP treatments? And, what role do androgens like DHT and anti-DHT treatments like Finasteride FinPlus or Dutasteride have on the expression of these hair loss genes?
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